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Decorative glass eye

Interchangeable glass eyes w/ seasonal themes, etc.
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Seems to me that with all the work that goes into replicating the appearance of a real eye, the makers of prosthetics are missing the chance to do something more stylish. Been mulling this one over since meeting an art student in college who wore a fake eye and would've loved this sort of thing. Consider the possibilities - LEDs, snow globes, evil-looking Halloween things... Haven't run this by anyone in the admittedly small potential market, so I have no idea if this would be seen as lighthearted fun or deeply offensive. Any qualified opinions?
geack_1, Aug 25 2003

(?) FX Eyes http://www.fxeyes.com/Lenses.html
Contact lenses in various unusual forms, seems like this would be a bigger market. Of course, its baked already. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       "Danny was right about you. He said you killed Mozart."   

       "Moe who?"   


DeathNinja, Aug 25 2003


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