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Blood clots

Pressure bandaging service
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For once I'm not being mock-serious, having lost a friend, killed, it was reported, by a "long-flight blood-clot" a few days after he arrived home.

I'm proposing therefore the availability of a "pre-flight pressure-bandaging service", possibly provided by a contractor to an insurance group, or by an international franchise as a lucrative earner for locals.

The service would be available in airport waiting-lounges where in privacy, skilled workers would quickly apply bandages to the lower legs, or to whole legs on request. There could be an in-flight availability too.

{I won't go into the many advantages of properly applied, wide elastic bandages compared with elastic stockings. Take it from me. As a late-onset diabetic, I wear bandaging all the time].

Right now the idea is as half-baked as they come, [like would the bandages be recycled on deposit?], but if I were 50 years younger I'd be out there marketing this one.

rayfo, May 23 2001


       At the very least one might expect some effort to educate travellers and offer support bandages to those who may be at risk. I'd not heard of this but it sounds like a serious issue.
Dog Ed, May 23 2001

       Peter Sealy : Wouldn't you enjoy a sexy hostess tenderly winding you up with full-leg option bandages?
rayfo, May 23 2001

       As is typical of health concerns this widespread, airlines have publicly stated their 'concern and intention to consider a variety of measures' to make air travel safer and more comfortable. Anyone believe they're rushing out pressurized jumpsuits for all their passengers in the next few days?   

       Halfbakers, your best defense against this condition is to invest a few bucks in some support stockings or pressure bandage. Naturally, anyone at a workstation constantly for a few hours runs the same risk and would be advised to take the same precautions.   

       Thanks, rayfo, and condolences for the loss of your friend.
reensure, May 23 2001


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