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Deep Vein Thrombosis

Prevention of DVT on long haul flights - use excercise machines
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The first airline that installs excercise machines to enable people to avoid deep vein thromosis will not only get great publicity and attract more customers they will save the lives of hundreds of passengers per year - and thus avoid litigation. Isn't that worth the loss of a few seats ?


kpnuts, Mar 22 2001

Australian MP calls for jumbo jet treadmills. http://www.theage.c...07/FFXNM5S5MHC.html
He nearly died after suffering a seizure after a flight from Sydney. [jutta, Mar 22 2001]

The Airogym DVT Cushion http://www.airogym.com
Posted for mands. [yamahito, Sep 11 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       I think they'd better install a few showers, too, while they're at it - or the recirculated sweaty air will quickly become unbearable.
jutta, Mar 23 2001

       2 laps of the plane to "Hot! Hot! Hot!" and you should have inspired a terrorist attack or two. ah-yup.
moonmoose, Mar 23 2001

       The first airline to install exercise machines will be sued more successfully by DVT victims or their relatives because the exercise machines prove the airline's admission of responsibility for a real problem, while their failure to hire large, powerful flight attendants to force each passenger onto the machine amounts to negligence. Meanwhile, the other airlines will simply maintain that there is no real problem.
beauxeault, Mar 23 2001

       The first airline has reacted - Emirates Airline now give the Airogym DVT Cushion to all passengers on long haul flights - it is a compact inflatable exercise device clinically proven to improve blood flow and so reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis - hats off to them I say for being so brave - hopefully the other airlines will have the sense to follow suit! The Airogym is also available at <admin - link moved to link area> along with further information.
mands, Sep 11 2002

       Please use the link feature provided.
yamahito, Sep 11 2002

       I misread the header as "deep vein trombosis" (so many 1/2 bakery ideas are pun based that now I automatically see them here!). Thought it might be a breath amplifier so wind instrument players don't bust anything.
pfperry, Sep 12 2002


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