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Blowfish Doorway Access

Puff your face and press it to the panel
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A unique way of gaining entry to a door is a blowfish-print recognition system.

Stick your face on the panel, it scans the blowfish print, and if you are you, it lets you in.

DesertFox, Mar 05 2005

Blowfish Tearaways Blowfish_20Tearaways
Courtesy of [lurch]. [Shz, Mar 05 2005]

catfish recognition catfish door http://www.quantump...rol/flo_control.htm
Baked [ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 08 2005]


       Interesting. I hope it cleans itself between users.   

       Or, if it doesn't, then could someone copy the oil smudges left over? Hehehe
finrod, Mar 05 2005

       ha ha ha [+]
Pericles, Mar 05 2005

       I don't think it's been established that blowfish face prints are unique enough for this purpose. Needs more study.
waugsqueke, Mar 05 2005

       A solution for ya, [finrod]. <link>
Shz, Mar 05 2005

       Faceprints should be pretty unique. Scars and noses and wrinkles and all.
DesertFox, Mar 05 2005

       Maybe a chastity belt head print recognition system?
FarmerJohn, Mar 06 2005

       [Shz] Should have known there'd be a solution to this pressing problem on the HB.   

       [FJ]Many of your jokes make me laugh out whatever happens to be in my mouth at the moment. Funny.
finrod, Mar 06 2005

       I wouldn't want that for multi-user doorways.
Detly, Mar 06 2005

       Good morning, Mr. Pizzaface. WAIT! You're not Mr. Pizzaface!
DesertFox, Mar 07 2005

       DF gets my nomination for one of the most improved bakers of late.
RayfordSteele, Mar 09 2005

       Hello, Dad? Hi honey, how are you? The stupid door won't let me in! Why not honey? Billy hit me at school today, and my face is swollen up, and it hurts to puff up my face! Ok, I'll be there in an hour, if traffic is good.
Shooter, Apr 05 2005


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