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Deadbolt controlled with Car Keys

Use your car's remote to unlock your home.
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Physical Locks just became useless due to key "bumping." Search Google for Bumping, you'll see.

Lots of keyless door locks out there, but most still have a physical keyed override, which is now useless.

Someone needs to build a deadbolt that allows you to program it to accept the unlock code from your car keys. Walk up to your door, hit the unlock button, and your house unlocks.

Sure, it unlocks your car too, but once you get inside, just hit lock again.

At least you don't have to carry an extra key-fob-thingy.

ooglek, Aug 07 2006


       Maybe a separate remote, and an electromagnetic or electromechanical lock mechanism at the door frame vice the door. Maybe a device compatible with X10 home automation system would be good.
wittyhoosier, Aug 07 2006

       But car key signals can be ripped using easy-to-purchase devices, leaving you just as vulnerable.   

       Go do some research on garage door locks, which clearly already solve these issues.
DrCurry, Aug 07 2006

       How about simply using a lock with any of the mechanical improvements that have been made over the years to thwart bumping, picking, or other such forms of illicit entry?
supercat, Aug 07 2006

       Why not just make a Deadbolt that is Keyed to your car keys.
jhomrighaus, Aug 07 2006

       I solved the problem of home security years ago just by welding myself into my house. Gets lonesome sometimes, but there's plenty of time for ke-ing.
m_Al_com, Aug 10 2006

       What you need to do is cede control of the door lock to a third party that can recognise you... This could be your dog, cat, mouse, mum, brother, sister or a suitably complex personal assistant...   

       Acutally I like the dog idea...
madness, Aug 10 2006

       I agree with super cat, but then again, this could be a convenience feature-as in a secondary way to unlock- like those RF deadbolts (which sometimes have keypads as well). All we need to do is make one that has 1. a keyhole that is more pick-proof than your average "joe-schmoe's hardware store special" lock- 2. an RF reciever similar to that of other remote-controlled locks, but which can be programmed to your car's remote (or any RF remote, really) by pushing a "learn" button on the _inside_ of the door (akin to a garage door's "learn" button) 3. (optional) a keypad to open the door without the keychain by entering your combination   

       Some locks have both an RF reciever and a keypad. just make the regular key part more pick-resistant and make it car-remote-compatible and you're all set!
Dickcheney6, Feb 10 2010


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