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Blue Pate for male pattern baldness

Not just for Scottish warriors
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Ms. Pluterday was born into a family afflicted with male pattern baldness (M.P.B.). She has sadly witnessed crop circles appearing overnight in her brothers’ hair. Inspired by Robert the Bruce, she designed a remedy.

Unlike unsavory Ronco products, which unsuccessfully attempt to hide hair deficiencies, Blue Pate does quite the reverse. A dye, specifically designed to bond to skin and not to hair, permanently colors the bare pate a bright blue. Spray on, leave for 5 minutes, and shampoo. Gives the impression of a robin’s egg in a nest.

Simply adorable.
pluterday, Jan 30 2003

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       <sigh> oh woad is me <sigh>
po, Jan 30 2003

       Ardennes pate? Oh no, another chapter for “Case Studies in Marketing Disasters”.
pluterday, Jan 30 2003

       A pretty big egg in a small nest. Cuckoo?   

       If you lose the fringe, you might draw on some continents and turn yourself into a useful reference work.
Monkfish, Jan 30 2003

       Wallace wouldnae'uv worn woad (Nor the Bruce either, for that matter).
my face your, Jan 30 2003

       This begs for enterprising Hair Salons and Barbershops everywhere to start offering "The Blue Pate Special" on their menu of services. (link)
jurist, Jan 30 2003

       This is cute but could go ballistic if your brother is serenaded by Princess Fiona. Then that cute robin's egg, and it is cute, becomes an exploding egg.   

       Still, this could make a great party trick. I would love this.
Tiger Lily, Jan 30 2003

       I bet your brother loves you. (+)
madradish, Jan 30 2003

       I misread this as' Blue Peter badge for male pattern baldness '
skinflaps, Jan 30 2003

       Is this blue paté tasteless?
thumbwax, Jan 30 2003

       "I want it to be spring and I want to brush my hair out in front of a mirror and I want a kitty and I want some new clothes." (stolen)
pluterday, Jan 30 2003


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