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Burnable Brass Brush

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Dog owners! Wearly of ferreting accumulated fur out of your grooming brush? Barbecue chefs? Are your guests disgusted by the greasy accretions on your grill brush? Or maybe your own hair brush has become like a bristly tribble? Tired of picking it out? BUNGCO wants to help you!

Introducing the Burnable Brass Brush! The BBBrush is a single solid piece of brass, with tough, extruded brass bristles. To clean it, just place the entire brush in the BBBBurn Bin and fire it up! Propane and flame combine to heat the brush to a cherry red, burning away hair, grease, flesh, cooties, or whatever else your bristles have gathered. Let it cool, then rinse and walla: good as the day it came in the mail. With a handsome fireproof ceramic handle (in the shape of the mythical Salamander!), the BBBrush will be a favorite for the hygiene buff in your family!

bungston, Sep 19 2005


       Use hot for perms.
Shz, Sep 19 2005

       Next up: replace your dishwasher with the Dish Burner.
Worldgineer, Sep 19 2005

       And that's not all, just look! Order now, and BUNGCO will throw in the Burnable Brass Bush for absolutely no money down!   

       Simply install and then appear to people as a mystic vision of combustible shrubbery! Deliver your commandments and BUNGCO's Burnable Brass Bush compresses to a handy pocket size for portability!
zen_tom, Sep 19 2005

       /Burnable Brass Bush compresses to a handy pocket size/ - Merkinerrific!
bungston, Sep 19 2005


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