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Tweeze your eyebrows with minimum fuss.
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It takes time to have pretty eyebrows. Some people take the quick route and wax them but a few years down the line they're going to have sagging eyelids/browline. Tweeezing is what takes time because one must pluck almost each hair individually. Most of the time I miss the blond hairs that only manifest themselves when I'm standning in the sunlight. I don't like missing those.

The Browpilator will catch and remove every hair when it passes over one's desired hair removal area in one sweep. This is a little battery operated machine that has rotating tweezers (like the Silk-epil by Braun but with only the width of one tweezer instead of 5 or 6) with a 4 inch handle designed ergonomically for a comfortable grip. It has 3 speeds, lo, med, and hi. Comes with a small carrying case with room for extra batteries, a mirror, and a cleaning brush (for the machine). Uses AAA batteries.

Recommended to be used with a topical anisthetic such as LMX if pain threshold is slight.

Machiavelli, Nov 10 2004

Threading http://www.threading-hair-removal.com/
Ouch, ouch, OUCH! [Machiavelli, Nov 13 2004]


       //has 3 speeds, lo, med, and hi//   

       Who'd go hi, c'mon, who'd go hi, c'mon then, who'd go hi?
skinflaps, Nov 11 2004

       ...or just shave your forehead.
hippo, Nov 11 2004

       I think the desirability of "pretty eyebrows" is exclusively a construct of the fashion industry. So long as you're not sporting an Oasis-style monobrow, I can't see anyone giving a damn. Hell, cultivate a monobrow, you'll stand out from the crowd!
DocBrown, Nov 11 2004

       I think there's something to be said for sculpted eyebrows. I keep mine tidy! Now, I don't go pencilling them in, but every now and then there is a stray hair or two that must be dealt with . . .   

       . . . dealt with firmly, and with conviction. I will hunt the straybrow hairs ang bring them to justice, where ever they may be. I also vow to bring-to-task any foreheads that harbor known straybrow hairs.
contracts, Nov 11 2004

       Shave the brows and head except for two horizontal patches at the front hairline and cover the forehead areas under them down to the lashes with bright blue eye shadow.
FarmerJohn, Nov 11 2004

       Hmmm, should have thought a little more before posting something like this in a male dominated forum. Dang! ***kicks computer***
Machiavelli, Nov 11 2004

       "So long as you're not sporting an Oasis-style monobrow..."   

       Whew! I'm safe as I haven't a cluster of date palms jutting from my forehead.
bristolz, Nov 11 2004

       Anybody remember the "Epilady" ? Ouch.....
normzone, Nov 11 2004

       I tried using an Epilady one time and thought it was going to rip my skin off along with the hair. I don't need any scabs on my face. No thanks.
tchaikovsky, Nov 11 2004

       I've never gotten so many fishbones before (in my entire career at the 'bakery [4 months/4 ideas])...so THIS is how it feels! Hmmm. Amazingly I feel nothing, as I've slathered LMX anisthetic all over myself.
Machiavelli, Nov 12 2004

       Two words for you, [Machiavelli]: laser depilation! Doesn't hurt, lasts a long, long time...or so I heard.   

       I've never done it myself, but the thought of ending the morning shaves makes it more interesting everyday.
PauloSargaco, Nov 12 2004

       Actually, [Paulo], I've heard laser-depilation hurts like hell. I had a friend who was unfortunate to have facial hair where a woman shouldn't have any and she used to go for laser treatment once a month. She'd come home in pain and sit for the rest of the day with an ice-pack on her face. No thanks. Another PAINFUL alternative to tweezing or waxing is threading. I tried it once and it hurt so badly that tears literally squirt out of my eyes. Tweezing and epilady aren't so bad.   

       In case anyone's interested in knowing what threading is, see link.
Machiavelli, Nov 13 2004

       // I've heard laser-depilation hurts like hell //   

       What??? Laser-depilation hurts?!?! Next thing, you're saying is that Santa doesn't exist.
PauloSargaco, Nov 17 2004

       //Santa doesn't exist// Only a crazy person would say that, [Paulo]!!!
Machiavelli, Nov 17 2004


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