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Bluetooth Cupid

megabytes to love bites
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You set up via a website a bluetooth device (or possibly built in to your phone) where you include all your 'desires' in a partner (the usual dating site specifications) and all about yourself and what you enjoy etc etc.

As you walk through the city, airport, sit on the train, are in a café when someone who has matching criteria. Is looking for your qualities in a partner. The device will vibrate or beep and your username passed to the other person.

When you return home you simply log back in to the website. Download your matches and then you can message each other online.

This would reduce the usual 'cold' opener of internet dating whereby you think this person must be a weirdo (ok maybe only slightly) as you will immediately have something in common/to discuss in where you could have met each other etc...

benkammy, Mar 04 2009

Bluedating http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluedating
You mean like this? [Jinbish, Mar 04 2009]

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       But if I get the message so does she. And if we both get the message at the same time, in the same place, we could just look for eachother and talk.
zeno, Mar 04 2009

       bonus if your not so shy
benkammy, Mar 04 2009

       indeed.: Bluedating   

       does seem my half baked idea was someone else's idea and they went ahead and done it.   

       back to the drawing board - and quiet nights in front of the telly in my bachelor pad for me! lol
benkammy, Mar 04 2009


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