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Bluetooth retro handset

Yes, I know, we've done cell retro before but...
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This category is almost full, but I think we can add this one.

It's a bluetooth headset, see. Shaped like the old black contoured handset. It will work with your current phone, no mod necessary - just when the moment is appropriate. No cord, just the handset. This is what I want to walk around talking on at the amusement park.

globaltourniquet, Mar 03 2008

Bluetooth Retro Handset http://www.thinkgee...ets/cellphone/8928/
Something like this? [ericscottf, Mar 03 2008]

Bluetooth logo http://www.wireless...-Bluetooth_Logo.jpg
[eric] your link says this is an "HB". In Runes, of all things. I'm saying - EPIC. [globaltourniquet, Mar 03 2008]


       Baked [link]
ericscottf, Mar 03 2008

       Oh, the googlessness of it all!   

       Woah! Is it true? Read that link! Is that Bluetooth logo really a stylized "HB"?   

       That is epic.
globaltourniquet, Mar 03 2008

       What bluetooth logo?
ericscottf, Mar 03 2008

globaltourniquet, Mar 03 2008

       hmmmmm. That's the standard BT logo...   

       Seriously, though, was your entry an inside joke I fell victim to? That happens to me a lot.
ericscottf, Mar 03 2008

       No, no joke. I'm just an idiot. My Google button is malfunctioning.   

       But I'm keeping this around because I need to know if the bluetooth logo is really "HB" in Rune. There's something neato about that.
globaltourniquet, Mar 03 2008

       Why is that? Perhaps because half the people here think that taking an existing device and adding BT constitutes an "invention?"   

       Or because a perfectly good new invention is thoroughly boned until it does include BT?
ericscottf, Mar 03 2008

       ..and jam. And bees.
globaltourniquet, Mar 03 2008


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