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Vaccuum Tube Cell-phone/camera phone

For when a electron-pluse or nuke takes out everyone elses' cell phone
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Solid state devices during such a disaster will have been rendered useless, time to pull out the big guns, dial in for back up missiles on this babie, let Ronnie know youre o.k., take a pic, and say bye-bye to the rooskies. Leave your office building knowing that you'll still be able to order pizza, even though the pizza place has been blown to smithereens. The camera portion uses vidicon type tubes.
corporatedipshit, Mar 13 2004

HB Archives: "Retro Cell Phone" http://www.halfbake...etro_20Cell_20Phone
Circa Oct 2000: Somewhat related idea and with a marvelous illustration by [hob]. [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]


       So you're planning to do speech and image compression on a vacuum tube computer in a phone? And you said this phone was to be room-sized, or building sized? You didn't want it portable, did you?
kropotkin, Mar 13 2004


       You're still in 1983?
ato_de, Mar 13 2004


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