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Board Game Cafe

Just chill..
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Friends come over and there's nothing to do but watch tv. After the games done everyone asks, "what do we do now?" Now you can take your friends over for some competitive board game competition.

From Monopoly, pictionary, scrabble, and anything you can possibly think of.

Lounge in our couches, or just sit back and sip on your hot chocolate, or coffee.

Hungry? No need to go that extra mile to McDonalds. Just grab a quick bite at our cafe!

vias7268, Jun 16 2007

take your pick http://www.google.c...=Board+Game+Cafe+++
google really is a very useful tool [jaksplat, Jun 16 2007]

A Canadian example http://www.head2headgames.com/
Cybercafe that offers board gaming as well [Canuck, Jun 17 2007]


       There are a number of places that do this sort of thing already here in London. Also I think that is what a good bachelor's pad is for no? Anyway, have a bun for the good feeling of this sort of place to hang out in summer with a couple of cold ones.
colinwheeler, Jun 16 2007

       //There are many cafes in the U.S. with boardgame tables, too.//   

       really? show me some links please.
vias7268, Jun 16 2007

       that's funny. did you know that's in singapore and not usa? hmm..
vias7268, Jun 17 2007

       Does the fact that the Mind Cafe is in Singapore and not the USA make it somehow invalid? Would an example based in Canada be any more acceptable? Would it prove the idea is baked? Check the Canadian link, please.
(See that? We're so nice, just as advertised.)

       edited minutes later - a new board game cafe recently opened in Vancouver, BC called Wow Wow. It has no website, but address and phone number are confirmed.
Canuck, Jun 17 2007

       i know it's been done already, but i haven't seen it in the US yet..so that's why i'm posting it here.   

       I understand that other places already have it, but do they have it along with a cafe and everything?
vias7268, Jun 17 2007

       Just a thought - if a business chooses not to have a website and you personally have not seen the business, does that mean it doesn't exist?   

       If UnaBubba were here he'd say something like "You really need to get out more, mate".
Canuck, Jun 17 2007

       There was a joint in Denver, Colorado, called Muddy Waters that met this description when I lived there in the late 1970's.
normzone, Jun 17 2007

       //There was a joint in Denver, Colorado, called Muddy Waters that met this description when I lived there in the late 1970's.//   

       haven't seen anything on the east coast like this tho :)
vias7268, Jun 17 2007

Voice, Jun 17 2007

       I read about the Teany Cafe in NYC that serves Vegan food and has board games.
xandram, Jun 17 2007

       The Hash cafe (yes it sold Hash!) was excellent for this. 2 massive guys would let you in through 2 steel plated doors and upstairs was a cafe that sold all sorts of wonderous things. From Cannabis to coffee! Then you could get stoned and spend all day playing various board games and in woderful haze of smoke and laughter! They even had a bank of PC'S for lan games of CS ( believe me , the tension is unbearable after a few jays - is he round the corner??! can they see me...Is the CT behind me with a knife...) Then the cops raided it and shut the place down and bang went my sunday afternoons!
S-note, Jun 19 2007

       Most pubs in the UK have board games. Chess, draughts, back-gammon and the like. In them you can lounge on couches, drink cold ones or sip a hot chocolate, or coffee. They also do food.   

       Don't worry about feeling gypped this already exists, it happens.
theleopard, Jun 19 2007

       What theleopard said.
DrBob, Jun 19 2007

       The owner of your local cafe probably doesn't realize there is a market for it. You should go in and suggest it. And you should mention to your friends who frequent the same cafe that they should suggest it. I bet within a week there will be a stack of games in the corner for you.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 19 2007


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