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Board Game Olympics

"And I Think We Have Found The Hungry Hungry Hippos Gold Medallist"
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The highest level of competition for all the classic boardgames. See who can be fastest at Operation, craftiest at Clue/Cluedo, best balanced at Jenga or most accurate at Battleships.

The nostalgia value alone should generate enough interest to pay for the running costs, much of which will be offset anyway if Woolworths is running a '3 for 2 on board games' offer at the time.

hidden truths, Sep 30 2007

Indoor League http://www.youtube....watch?v=GOlEYNlSZ44
Yorkshire TV's 70s show: sort of like this for pub sports: darts, bar billiards, shove ha'penny, table skittles... [imaginality, Sep 30 2007]

World Boardgaming Championships http://www.boardgamers.org/
It's not the Olympics, it's the World Championships. [Jinbish, Oct 01 2007]


       I'm in! [+]
imaginality, Sep 30 2007

       Best way to win at Operation is to fashion some tweesers out of wood, or use chopsticks. I don't know why they haven't adopted this in real life operating theatres. A full range of wooden implements would save the lives of thousands of mutant Rudolph-humans every year.
theleopard, Oct 01 2007


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