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Office olympics

Olympics of office-based sporting events
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A multi-sports event for office workers, with events such as desk-chair racing, tea and coffee fetching race - for people who always have to get the drinks for everyone else; telephone answering, flirting competition, best sick note competition, most pungent body odour competition etc. The criteria for entry must be that you work in an officially approved office environment.

There must be hundreds of possible events, please add your own suggestions.

a121509, Jul 02 2003

..and to think it was only a google away http://www.google.c...Google+Search&meta=
[gnomethang, Oct 04 2004]


       I saw a version of this in Maxim magazine a few months back. Hmmm. Is Maxim looking at Halfbakery for story ideas?
dhousman, Oct 04 2004

       Back in the early 80's we used to play office chair races every day at lunch until someone reversed at high speed into one of the Engineering Directors.
blammo, Oct 05 2004


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