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Bogey be gone

Nose-blowing will never be the same again.
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A simple polytetrafluoroethene-based paint that is applied to the insides of the nostrils, and denies nasal encrustations a firm grip.
The only downside to the procedure is the mild sandblasting that must be performed first, to allow the paint to key.
coprocephalous, Mar 06 2006


       Heh, <sneeze> "CF2-CF2" <sneeze>   

       "bless you"
skinflaps, Mar 06 2006

       sp "CF2=CF2" ;-)
coprocephalous, Mar 06 2006

       "bless you"
skinflaps, Mar 06 2006

       But where would I keep my tasty snacks?
Jinbish, Mar 06 2006

       "(CF2-CF2)n". The single bond is correct - it's a polymer.   

       While we're coating our nostrils with heat-resistant polymer, can we arrange it so we can breathe fire too? Please?
spidermother, Mar 06 2006

       //"(CF2-CF2)n". The single bond is correct - it's a polymer.// Well yes, but also in a very real sense, no. The polymer would be written (and try to imagine the "2"s and "n" as subscripts) -[CF2-CF2]n-

It isn't really all that heat-resistant - it melts at less than 630 Kelvin.
coprocephalous, Mar 06 2006


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