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Double-Barrel Continuous Neti Hat

glug glug glug glug glug pfui
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Nasal irrigation with salt water can be remarkably soothing for cold and allergy sufferers; but you can only spend so much time leaning over a sink with a neti pot up your nose. Why not take the pot and the sink with you everywhere you go?

Based on another ancient Ayurvedic invention -- the beer helmet -- the Neti Hat contains an ample saline supply, heated to body temperature, connected to both nostrils with comfortable plugs. Two-way stopcocks control the flow: open one of them, admitting water to one nostril (note: hold your breath while doing this), and turn the other the opposite way to drain the outflow downward into a waste receptacle, e.g. a discreet back-mounted snot-pack. Repeat as needed -- any time, anywhere. This is the life!

(Thanks to J.M. Stroker for design details)

hob, Sep 15 2010

Neti Hat [hob, Sep 15 2010]

[Grayure]'s TV interview http://www.youtube....watch?v=EMZaCOaLf9Y
This is amaroli [nineteenthly, Sep 15 2010]


       +1 for the sketch alone! I particularly like the little teardrop.
po, Sep 15 2010

gnomethang, Sep 15 2010

       Nicely done hob.   

       I do have my doubts on the anatomical details though, I must say...
po, Sep 15 2010

       You don't need the reservoir if you combine it with amaroli.
nineteenthly, Sep 15 2010

       Wouldn't suggest wearing one of these of a first date though.   

       And yea, [+] for any idea with such a nice illustration.
doctorremulac3, Sep 15 2010

       Simple, elegant, functional...absolutely brilliant idea (and illustration)! [+]
Boomershine, Sep 15 2010

       [nineteenthly] I had to look up amaroli..... oh. Yeah. Why don't you try that and get back to me... :)
hob, Sep 15 2010

       OK, i'm going to link to my wife's interview on YouTube now.
nineteenthly, Sep 15 2010

       So, then *I* had to look up amaroli. I can live with the reservoir.
Boomershine, Sep 16 2010

       although Neti pots really make me choke, this is a wonderful invention and so nice to see you here again! +
xandram, Sep 16 2010

       Would a septum piercing nullify the effectiveness of such a device?
infidel, Sep 19 2010

       [infidel] Look at the drawing. NOTHING could EVER nullify the effectiveness of this device. It is completely unnullifiable.
Boomershine, Sep 20 2010

       True. It is a very nice drawing.
infidel, Sep 20 2010

       //It is a very nice drawing.//   

       It's way beyond nice. I vote we put this image on our (US) currency. Maybe the $77 bill, or something.
Boomershine, Sep 20 2010

       A notion as off such deviced hat ting device, delight, is highly favourable as a pure business, off devoid Market's, and other malignent, spread's ing'zz device,,   

       As you would wear, a bakery Bag, in a Blown Up State,, :-PP,, or to the Next prozvvince,,...   

       Fish net such stock ing's,, is wide ly regarded as 'Favourable' or or or even Devaourable,, :-),, of other Intelligent beeing's,.   

       A Director, that has 30 one dollar per minute secretaries, receives maybe 300 bilion a year, from his rental suit business, and develops , suddenly, a NeW Busineess' MODEL,, with ,, and then goes in his Own TUTUTUTTTUT train set suit after that,..   


sirau, Jun 25 2011

       You raise some interesting points, [sirau], and you cut right to the nub of all that's at fault with the modern macroeconomic ethos.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 25 2011

       TUTTUTTUTTUT [MB], you completely trivialised this attempt to beat the Turing Test. I say it did very well!
gnomethang, Jun 26 2011


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