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a device to relieve allergy and cold sufferers from the annoyance of a drippy nose
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A dripping nose is a major annoyance, whether it's from a cold, allergies, hayfever or what have you. Although generations of intrepid do it yourselfers have fashioned crude nose tampons by jamming tissues up their nose, what I have in mind is a product that will stop the snot and still allow one to breathe.

This is similar to wags' nasal tampon <see link> or to first-aid products to plug nosebleeds, but with a significant improvement - a hole in the middle. The dripstop is a flexible nostril-sized ring surrounded by absorbent (or adsorbent) material, maybe silica.

The toric or doughnut shape of the dripstop will leave room for breathing normally through the nose, while the drip is caught on its way down the sides of the nostril.

To insert, the runny nosed simply flex the ring, gently insert it at the bottom of the nostril and release to let it expand against the inside of their nose. Then they happily breathe normally while the ring sops up the drip.

the only question in my mind is - what colour should it be?

jody, Aug 15 2007

Nasal tampon Nasal_20tampon
Wagster's Nasal Tampons [jody, Aug 15 2007]

the sleeve sneeze http://www.toronto....h/sleeve_sneeze.htm
"encouraging everyone to do their part to stop the spread of germs" [jody, Aug 15 2007]

Nose Guttering Nose_20Guttering
[xenzag, Aug 15 2007]

nasal cup? something like- http://www.divacup.com/
[the dog's breakfast, Aug 15 2007]


       My favorite team colors? Stop the drip _and_ support the old gold and blue!   

       + for you.
globaltourniquet, Aug 15 2007

       indeed AD, 1. the changing will be extremely grossinating. A rounded hook-shaped removal device for keeping hands clean could be included in every package?   

       As for 2, the projectile effect, I'm hoping two things will help - the space in the centre will allow the pressure of the sneeze to escape, and the ring flexing against the sides of the nostril will help hold it in place.   

       Having said that, we'll definitely want to call the lawyers in for the warnings on the package. And of course recommend the "sleeve sneeze" <see link> to all users.   

       GT, thanks for the bun and for the colour idea!
jody, Aug 15 2007

       Welcome to Halfbakery [jody] - have a croissant to chew on while you order up some Nose Guttering.... it's best to stick with proven technology (see link)
xenzag, Aug 15 2007

       Been here a while, [jody]?   

       I can't bun these, only because there is no breathing when my nose drips. It's all or nothing. And a donut shaped hole would just become part of the furniture for persistent snot. Sorry. But welcome just the same to the posting side of things here at the HB. : )
k_sra, Aug 15 2007

       Like link but modified for nasal use of course?
the dog's breakfast, Aug 15 2007

       //. With these medical conditions, people sneeze; the thought of being ricocheted by one of these makes me feel queasy//   

       Hopefully those people are already considerate sneezers and keep a supply of tissue nearby to help out. The thought of them not doing so makes me queasy. [+]
Noexit, Aug 15 2007

       I thought this was a treament for the clap.
noncompliance, Aug 16 2007

       No, no ... [the dog's breakfast], this wouldn't work. I've used a divacup, and it only works because the volume is generally so much less than the container size. A "nasal divacup" would fill up within a very short time.
drememynd, Aug 16 2007


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