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Two excellent games combined into one bizarre family fun-fest
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You know that game Boggle, where you have 16 little letter cubes and you have to shake them up into a grid and make words by tracing a path around them?

And then quoits, the classic game where you throw rings onto a set of pegs, with some pegs worth more than others?

How about if you mixed up the two to form BoggleQuoits? Each set would come with about 120 different hoops with letters on, the idea being to get the good letters on the high-scoring pegs.

When a number of rings were thrown, the whole family would flock around the scoring zone and try and make words with the thrown letters. If a letter landed on a 100-point peg, for example, using that letter in your word would get you a 100 points.

e.g. B on the 10, A on the 20, K on the 30, E on the 50, and D on the 100.

"BAKED" = 210 pts.

No doubt a truly unforgettable experience.

monkeyseemonkeydo, Jan 13 2003


       Whoops, time for bed, li'l genius!
FarmerJohn, Jan 14 2003

       You could Bogglify all sorts of games - Boggle darts, where sixteen darts are thrown at a board split into 26 sectors, with common letters allocated a larger portion of the board. Closeness to the bullseye denotes the value of each letter.   

       Boggle Twister! The mat has pressure pads, like on a Playstion dance mat,and the letters show on displays in the mat. 2 possible versions -
1) Twister Boggle (Unlimited number of players.) Each player gets 90 seconds to leap from letter to letter, spelling out words in the classic Boggle style.
2) Boggle Twister (3 players max.) Player 1 makes a 3- or 4-letter word by pressing (and staying on) each letter. Player 2 makes another word in the same way, working around Player 1 in the time- and tequila-honoured Twister fashion. Player 3 (in a 3-player game) does the same. Player 1 now makes a new word using the remaining letters. He/she may use letters used in his/her previous word, but only a) having vacated that letter, and b) using a different limb. And so on. Standard Twister falling over/tickling rules apply.

       I'm sure that many other games could be so Bogglified.
friendlyfire, Jan 14 2003


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