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Hacky Butt

"I got my ass kicked in Hacky Butt today."
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This is a Hacky Sack spin-off game

My idea is for a humorous spin-off game from the game of Hacky Sack.

Special shorts, kinda like ledderhosen with Hacky Sack patterns forming an obvious butt target. The game is fast-moving so, having a Hacky Sack pattern in the front would be hazardous.

Of course, the objective would be to keep the other person's butt in the air. Kicking the other person's butt not letting him hit the ground.

Sally and I tried a quick round of Hacky Butt today, but, we didn't have the special colorful little sewn pants and we didn't yet have all kinds of special kicks worked out. Our butts did not look much like Hacky Sacks. We had no products, so, of course, without products, our lives were empty.

You sell the pants and the book.

Mustardface, Jan 08 2005


       This is creating entirely the wrong perception of what body part Hacky Sack is played with.
jutta, Jan 08 2005

       Jutta, not knowing you, I ask, really or just kidding? If really, then I might want to change it.
Mustardface, Jan 08 2005

       Hackey scrotum.
contracts, Jan 08 2005

       "Find the band-aid" keeps people up in the air as long as possible. Posturing just adds to the fun.
reensure, Jan 08 2005

       You get five days of sunshine per year on that island. Right? Is this a game you play in the fog or the sun, (which would be a waste).
mensmaximus, Jan 09 2005

       Would you literally be kicking your partner hard enough to loft them into the air? If you could do this, once they were up it would be very hard for them to kick back, for lack of leverage.
bungston, Jan 09 2005

       You would kick their butts as hard as you could into the air, but, then, if they started to fall, you'd have to kick them again to keep them from hitting the ground. Kick them so high they can't kick back. You got it, bungston.
Mustardface, Jan 09 2005

       Empty lives aside, I'm interested in who won the game.
xrayTed, Jan 09 2005

       Unless you are Dagwood Bumstead's boss, I think most people cannot kick hard enough to loft another grown adult into the air. But this would be a great game to do with superpowered characters and computerized special effects. Or maybe something for those yelly guys on Dragonball Z.
bungston, Jan 25 2005

       I have a horrible idea that Sally might be a baby.
stilgar, Sep 26 2006


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