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energy pong

enjoy a game similar to pong without the equipment
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i was recently witness to this genius activity:

four or more people sit around in a circle, all facing one another. one person forms an imaginary ball of energy in their hands. they cup it as if it were a normal ball of energy, but it must be "imagined". With a sudden direction-indicative arm-motion and a loud "svah!" the ball of energy is released across the circle to another player, who deftly swipes it ("chop!") across to the left, right, or across again. after several more chops and svahs (a chop across, rather than adjacent) an energy-ball recipient crosses his arms in an x, letting loose a "chink" sound of metal on metal (or energy on energy shield). the energy ball is hurtled back to the attacker and he must deal with it again. there are rules of course, such as no double blocks and strict guidelines for what body movements do what. all sounds can be changed. winner is the last to lose their original three lives through either neglecting to return the ball in time or breaking a rule.

sheer. brilliance.

uberwear, Jul 17 2004


       I was sure this was going to be another methane gas deal
tasman, Jul 17 2004

       and although I know it isn't something to do with methane, I still don't understand
swimr, Jul 17 2004

       //i was recently witness to this genius activity//   

       it's called pantomime. and genius is a strong word. a level up from rock/paper/scissors.   

       this is so geeky it is a little frightening.
xclamp, Jul 17 2004

       I'm imagining this game in slow motion.
MatrixFrog, Dec 31 2004

       I've played this over the phone and it was lots of fun.
phundug, Dec 31 2004


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