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big kids scalextric racing

scalextric racing goes big.
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real-life racing in people sized cars on 6 lane tracks. each lane has its own power supply. cars have no brakes or mirrors or namby pamby stuff like that.

the rubber track gets laid anew on each occasion, different lay-outs, more or less straights and curves and those neat cross-over things and humpy pieces.

rules will have to be devised to stop cheating or to promote it which ever you prefer.

this is a team game – one member gets to drive and the other powers the car by remote control at the side of the track. Change at half time and get to drive in the other direction.

every year in uk, it is said, 5 people are injured by scalextric related accidents. that’s not many is it?

po, Mar 29 2003


       I've never heard the word "scalextric" before. This is slot-track racing? I'll try it if you leave out the chicanes.
waugsqueke, Mar 29 2003

       Will you suddenly hit a giant lego block somebody pushed onto the track?
FarmerJohn, Mar 29 2003

       persuade him to try it - a new experience!
po, Mar 29 2003

       Personaly I would feel a greater sense of loss if they had died as part of a UN force.
sufc, Mar 29 2003

       How *on earth* do you get injured by playing with slot cars?
DrCurry, Mar 29 2003

       They can fly of the track
sufc, Mar 29 2003

       You know, this probably sounds a lot more fun than it would actually be.
The way this stuff scales, full-size cars would have to go dangerous wicked fast (maybe someone with better math can calculate), and it would be mammoth heavy power plants instead of the cute little power boxes.
What made those little slot cars I used so much gol-darned fun was the way they whip-saw around the turns and through the chicanes, things that real race cars couldn't actually do, relative size-wise. I'm afraid the full scale version would feel horribly tame and slow, by comparison.
roby, Mar 29 2003

       Just use go-karts, they feel really fast cos theyre really low. Also, petrol powered feel faster. The thing about slot cars is that if you go too fast you fly off the track - how would you do it with full size cars?
miasere, Apr 03 2003

       I once saw that slot cars/scalextrics go the equivalent of 280 m.p.h. I would think that half that fast would be sufficient to make this fun. That could certainly be done in a standard-sized engine compartment. +
kevindimie, Apr 03 2003

       What exactly constitutes *driving* besides just riding along?
RayfordSteele, Apr 03 2003


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