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Bon Bon Board

a chocolate box with keys
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I’m going to give my honey bun a praline keyboard. It looks just like the real thing in gold, except when she presses “M”, it writes “Marzipan”. When she opens that key cover, she’ll find a delicious marzipan there. Every letter encloses its own chocolate from croquant to fondant, gianduja, hazelnut, nougat, truffle, etc. Yummy!
FarmerJohn, Jan 03 2003

Periodic Table table http://www.mathpuzzle.com/Periodic.htm
Conceptually similar gift for chemistry geeks [krelnik, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       What's under x?
kpx, Jan 03 2003

       Seems it was a chewy "xyloid fudge".
FarmerJohn, Jan 03 2003

Blow Pop
Chupa Chup
Dum Dum Pops
French Chew Taffy
Gummy Bears (of course)
Ice Cubes
Life Savers
Milk Duds
Nerds (The Programmer's Association of Eurasia official candy)
Orangeheads (to continue the fruitheads collection)
Q... some help here, friends, or I'll have to settle for Quavers
Smarties (halfbakery official confectionery but only because they stopped producing "Pendanties")
U Nos
Whistle Pops (my dad loved these)
Xocolates (ha!)
Zagnuts (not THAT kind... perverts)

       Yes, I realise these are candy not chocolate, but I couldn't resist the challenge.
methinksnot, Jan 16 2007


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