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Ebola quarantine cruise

Everybody wins!
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It is good that altruistic health care providers go to help the West Africans with Ebola. It is understandable that ignroant people are scared of them when they come home and want them quarantined.

I propose that they all be quarantined together on the cruise ship St Sebastian. Returning providers are brought by helicopter to a full frills cruise. Their families can join them. Dancing and merriment! Open bar! Plus these veterans of the Ebola fight can swap tales.

After three weeks they come home. Bleaguered governors can claim victory. Public feels safe. Altruistic health care works get a bonus.

bungston, Oct 30 2014

Ahem... Eboater
[not_morrison_rm, Oct 30 2014]


       [+] why not just start the cruise in Ebolaland ? Sail through to NY or somewhere, and everybody gets a free checkup and flight to home, after.   

       // Bleaguered // well... that _should_ be a word.
FlyingToaster, Oct 30 2014

       I was thinking the cruise could be on a three masted sailong ship. No carbon emissions and if it takes a few weeks to make the trip so much the better.
mzellers, Oct 30 2014

       I like this idea. It's a win-win solution.
blissmiss, Oct 30 2014

       //altruistic health care providers//   

       Oh no, not altruistic health care providers in a total institution like a cruise ship. That's a recipe for a communitarian disaster. Get [docterremulac3] in here someone said altruism, we need a libertarian stat.
rcarty, Oct 30 2014

       //hey come home. Bleaguered governors...   

       sp. Beagled
not_morrison_rm, Oct 30 2014

       //ignroant people are scared of them //   

       We-ell, I'm not sure that ignorant is a fair term here. It could be argued that the spectacular failre of several irresponsible individuals to take their "self-quarantine" seriously has somewhat contributed to the level of fear.   

       I think volunteer health care providers should be (app)lauded in our society and given recognition and respect consumate to their contribution and self-sacrifice. I also think that should not in any way be an excuse to ease off on necessary precautions. Public safety trumps everything else, every time. Imagine if you, or someone you loved, caught ebola off a returned volunteer health care worker who ignored their flu-like symptoms and chose to go into public anyway. Is that fair?   

       Not everyone has the time, medical knowledge or interest to become experts in communicable diseases. It's like someone with HPV being careless with hygeine, because it's only a small risk of transmission. That's not your risk to take.   

       As to the idea. A cruise, holiday resort, some kind of guilded cage, yes. Bun.
Custardguts, Oct 30 2014

       Yes, treating them badly is reprehensible.   

       Letting people loose with no precautions is worse.   

       A guilded cage is still a cage, but it's, like, guilded.
Custardguts, Oct 30 2014

       That's a very subtle way of suggesting a spelling mistake. Nice. Yes, it's gilded. It's a saying. To be in a gilded cage is to be trapped, but in luxurious surroundings.   

       In this context, pizza is optional. Freedom to mingle with society as a whole is not.   

       We're labouring the point here a little. Be nicer to returned health care workers while they're in quarantine, yes? Yes.
Custardguts, Oct 31 2014

       The problem is with timing & phases & quantities.   

       For instance, this would work best if you had 1,000 workers returning all at once. Otherwise, you'd have a 21 day cruise with 12 people on it, and then the next day, you launch another boat with 5 people, etc.   

       And, it'd only work if NONE of them actually got Ebola.   

       Meaning, in this communal quarantine, if 1,000 people are on the boat, & on day 7, one of them exhibits symptoms, they could have spread it to 30 other people. Those 30 people have to restart their 21 day clock. In fact, every time anyone exhibits symptoms, the entire boat needs to stay out 21 more days after that.
sophocles, Oct 31 2014

       I think the difference is that the guilded cage is union.   

       re sophocles - that scenario is true we3 are considering the zombies from the WWZ movie, where people go zombie a few seconds after being bitten. The Sebastian would be populated with people who know all about ebola care. People who develop symptoms will go to the hospital wing of the boat. People who look tired will be called about by the other people on the boat and checked.   

       No shortage of caregivers either.
bungston, Nov 01 2014


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