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Dead Man Auto Switch

Not requiring a release button
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Dead man switches are an important tool for heroes battling omnipotent conspiracies. The trouble? One has to go through a fair amount of work to set one up.

Similarly, stories of how people start behaving in bizarre ways when someone doesn't respond immediately to their text have entered our consciousness, to the point that they warrant public service announcements.

Enter the fully automated, cloud based dead man auto switch. Enabled with your access parameters to all key networked services, e.g. voice and texting services, and perhaps eventually even to vitals monitors which might be built into your watch or phone this service will return upon inquiry, to those who you've authorized, your "living status", so that your temporary silence need nod be over- interpreted, but your persistent absence from Facebook for 30 hours, coupled as it is with the absence of a purchase of 2 tickets to Bora Bora, may indeed be cause for alarm.

theircompetitor, Oct 30 2011

SPOT http://www.findmespot.com/en/
No vital monitoring, just position and "okay/dead" status indicator. [DIYMatt, Oct 30 2011]


       Ugh, SPOT device. Keeps telling people you are okay until you suddenly aren't.
DIYMatt, Oct 30 2011

       A friend who just did a desert trek in the middle east had a sat phone with a button which theoretically invokes a swat team coming in to rescue you
theircompetitor, Nov 05 2011

       [theircompetitor] was there a fee for that service?   

       (Your friend can't have been American. The augmented RFID chips in the new US passports do this automatically.)
mouseposture, Nov 05 2011

       searching for product link
theircompetitor, Nov 05 2011

       How the hell does an RFID call in a tactical rescue squad? And how did I not learn of this function when I got my new passport? Wouldn't it be in the included literature or something?
Alterother, Nov 05 2011

       //Wouldn't it be in the included literature// It's there, but you have to look really hard. Get out your loupe, and read the microscopic print on the "blank" pages. It's not just there to prevent forgery, you know.
mouseposture, Nov 05 2011


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