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Bong Cleaning Distiller

Clean all those pipes and bong pieces via the distillery method.
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I have heard all sorts of methods for cleaning pipes, and all the mankey bits assoiciated with bongs etc.. Ive tried vinegar, detergent, metho..u name it.

My suggestions is that a rotating offset container (like a parts washer, to knock all the crusty bits off) is boiled for several hours and much like the distilling process (which I know nothing about), the water is condensded off and then passed through a carbon filter, leaving a trickle of hash oil.

So.. 1) Clean pipe pieces, 2) Some hash oil, 3) Some strange disease from all the aluminium byproduct from boiling the shit out off all your pipe pieces...

Supercruiser, Nov 07 2003


       Aluminium by products will probably lead to Alzheimer disease, but if your smoking the recycled oil, your probably brain dead anyway. Have a well oiled + for actually being able to type this in the first place....Dig it Man, Far out...
Micky Dread, Nov 07 2003

       just only smoke out of glass pieces...no aluminum there? correct....eh?
lkbio540, Jan 07 2004

       An all ice bong should take care of these issues, because the dirty bits will melt and soak into your shag carpeting and black velvet Bob Marley paintings.
bungston, Jun 25 2010

       Whiskey or brandy should clean that residue out with minimum grief. Referring to what remains as "hash oil" is like calling auto exhaust gasoline.
normzone, Jun 25 2010


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