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Bleach Spray Bottle With A Holy-Water Motif

Show an angel blasting a virus with devil horns or something.
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Blesses and disinfects. Blessed by a preacher and infused with a blend of disinfectants that kills 99.99% of viruses on surfaces.

This isn't to make fun of Christians, I think they'd actually approve of this.

doctorremulac3, Mar 27 2020

This scene only with "Clorox" instead of "Christ". https://www.youtube...watch?v=lpyg94OzHK0
I guess you could have the stain saying all the disgusting stuff Megan says in the movie. Might have to tone it down a bit for prime time. "Your mother sews socks that smell!" etc. [doctorremulac3, Mar 27 2020]

Anthony Burgess https://en.m.wikipe...wiki/Earthly_Powers
Find the scene with an exorcist in Malaya. [pertinax, Mar 28 2020]


       I don't think protestants believe in holy water.
Voice, Mar 27 2020

       Well, presumably they accept the existence of water - it's the "holy" part thats problematic.   

       Does it work even if you don't believe in it, or not work if you don't believe in it/work only if you do believe in it ?
8th of 7, Mar 27 2020

       Well, if you don't believe in bleach you may be beyond redemption.
doctorremulac3, Mar 27 2020

       Is a label reading "If you believe in this bleach it will be more effective" allowed by advertising standards regulators ?
8th of 7, Mar 27 2020

       I don't know if believing in the power of bleach impacts its efficacy but I'd probably stay away from any claims like that.   

       But it does open up a bunch of advertising options. "The Stain Exorcist" Scene 1) Wine stain possession: (Shows the guy spraying a stain with the same lighting and camera angle of the linked scene.) "THE POWER OF CLOROX COMPELS YOU!"
doctorremulac3, Mar 27 2020

       How about a still of a room spattered with green vomit and a smiling priest centre field holding up a pump-spray with the caption "CLEANO - REMOVES THE EXCRETION OF BEELZEBUB IN ONE WIPE !"
8th of 7, Mar 27 2020

       This could definitely get dark pretty quick.   

       (generic fascist dictator)   

       "Hey tough stain, you're an enemy of the state!"..   

       OK, I won't go there.
doctorremulac3, Mar 27 2020

       "I bet he drinks Stainlin Black Label ..."
8th of 7, Mar 27 2020

       This was baked in the novel Earthly Powers (but on a slightly smaller scale, using a rubber bulb, not a spray-bottle's pump).
pertinax, Mar 28 2020

       Interesting point if they espouse Creationism theologically, yet clearly support "natural selection" on a practical level ...
8th of 7, Mar 28 2020

       Hey, if I sold bleach I'd sell it to anybody of any persuasion.   

       "Darwin Brand Industrial Cleaner: Sorry viruses, we're pruning your branch on the evolutionary tree."   

       Show Darwin looking at a dirty counter, zoom into a shot of terrified microorganisms, then back to the Darwin looking dude aiming the spray bottle at them: "Hey viruses, when you see t-rex tell 'em I said... buh bye!" SPSFFFFF!
doctorremulac3, Mar 28 2020

       That's a bit more catchy than "Do you feel lucky, Proteobacteria ?"   

       // if I sold bleach I'd sell it to anybody //   

       Well, it would clearly be discriminatory to have a "whites only" policy...
8th of 7, Mar 28 2020


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