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Bleeding Heart Soap Dispenser

squeeze heart and dispense soap
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Bleeding Heart Soap Dispenser, looks like a real heart, and it does leak out a few drops of its contents (red of course) as it rests in its complimentary kidney dish. You simply squeeze it gently to release some soap from one of the severed ventricles.

It can be used for general hand washing, but the soap has also been verified as being most suitable for washing out the mouths of bullies and injudicious purveyors of bombastic and aggressive language.

xenzag, Nov 26 2009

Ideal for here http://www.bleeding....uk/crypt/index.php
[coprocephalous, Nov 26 2009]

Blue Q "Wash Away your Sins" http://www.blueq.co...14-productId.0.html
That's the kind of soap I'm thinking of. [jutta, Nov 26 2009]

Bleeding Heart Bakery http://www.thebleed...kery.com/index3.htm
Yum! [DrBob, Nov 27 2009]


       Can we have little electrical contacts on the dish so it pulses and glows realistically?
pocmloc, Nov 26 2009

       I'll hold them down.
zeno, Nov 27 2009

       The conceptualization is of heart but the originating idea is not of.
rcarty, Nov 27 2009

       What about one that does toothpaste?
nineteenthly, Nov 27 2009


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