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CD Tray

Extra compartment for a extra CD
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A tray that slides out on the under side of a portable CD player.

Place a extra CD within, saves having to carry the CD case around.

Finnished listening to the current music disk in the player, take it out and pop in the spare from the tray, pop in the one you were listening to and slide shut.

Should not take up too much space or add too much to the weight of the player.(no i don't have a MP3 player)

skinflaps, Jul 02 2004

CD Holder http://www.busybits...c73fb3cebdbc53f2f46
CD holder that fits in a 5Πinch drive bay [Jscotty, Jan 14 2006]


       Nice... How hard would it be to make the cd player be able to read the extra cd from where it is? So the cd player basically looks/works the same rightside up as it does upside down. Just flip a switch to designate which cd to listen to.
luecke, Jul 02 2004

       A slide-out tray will add at least the thickness of the CD plus the thickness of the tray.   

       What if instead the main spindle was designed to hold two CDs (or more) stacked on top of each other. They would both spin, but obviously, only the one on the bottom could be played. It would add only the thickness of one CD (or however many extra CDs it was designed to hold). Of course the motor might need to be modified so it could handle spinning up the weight of those extra CDs.
scad mientist, Jul 02 2004

       [scad mientist] makes a good point, sort of like the old record players with the spindles that you could load up with several lp's or 45's. but since the speed of the disc is vital to whether or not it could even be read, this might be a problem even with a different motor.   

       maybe to save space, the disc could be stored on the inside of the lid of the player, on a spindle to keep it free of the playing disc. that would take less space than a tray as well.
xclamp, Jul 02 2004

       I agree with [xclamp] why not a 'dropdown' tray whereas the the spare CD is held within the disk player, consuming very little space?
skinflaps, Jul 04 2004

       why not buy an mp3 player and not fool around with scratched CDs and bulky cd players.   

       Plus CD technology is almost out of date with the upcoming technology of minuture dvd players, and blu-ray lazer and media storing technology.   

       The CD is slowly going the way of the buffalo(mxpx)
7egend, Jan 14 2006

       Such a device already exists. It fits into one of the 5Œ inch bays in the PC. It holds 10 CD's so the ones that you use most often can stay with the PC. You can release any of the CD's as needed. Check the link.
Jscotty, Jan 14 2006


       This device is portable.
skinflaps, Jan 15 2006


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