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Large vibrating bandage around your torso that helps you feel your mp3 bass.
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To give the feel of a thundering bass speaker at an outdoor rock gig, this mp3 player accessory transfers the level of bass in your music to a strap around your body that oscillates in accordance. This gives you that hearty feeling of bass pounding through your chest, enveloping your innards in a fuzzy blanket of musical goodness.
theleopard, Nov 03 2009

The Bone Fone Stereo http://pocketcalcul...lgadget/index3.html
[phoenix, Nov 03 2009]


       Blow it out your ass?
phoenix, Nov 03 2009

       Baked as a speaker set in a flexible U shape that hangs around your neck. Treble speakers at the top under your ears and base speakers down low for rumble. I remember seeing it years ago. I'll have to try to find a link.
MisterQED, Nov 03 2009

       Please do. Were they concealed as this would be? When wearing headphones, I like to have them go from my mp3 player in my pocket, up inside my shirt and out the back of the collar to my ears. Keeps the wires out the way and (relatively) discreet.   

       These chestphones would be worn like a bandage around your chest, completely out of the sensory range of all those around you apart from anyone who happens to be hugging you on the tube.
theleopard, Nov 03 2009

       sry, what [MQED] said: I remember those.   

       [edited: mfd deleted and replaced with a new one later on]
FlyingToaster, Nov 03 2009

       There was a device called the "Bone phone" years ago that sounds a lot like what [MisterQED] mentions. I'll see if I can find it.   

       I wouldn't call this idea baked, since the device I remember was a radio, not just a set of speakers.
phoenix, Nov 03 2009

       OK, yeah that is what I remembered and though I agree that is not completely baked, but the unbaked parts are pretty slim.
MisterQED, Nov 03 2009

       Also, existence in the real world is not grounds for deletion on the halfbakery. "Baked" is not a valid reason to mark something for deletion. It's cool to remember or link to existing things, but unless they're widely known, hold your torches and pitchforks. Thanks.
jutta, Nov 11 2009

       I think power might be abit of an issue. How big would these things be? would they be the size of dinner plates? and would you have 2? one on your belly and one on your back?   

       I would prolly want 3, an extra one to stick on my belly to rupture my spleen.
bbglas007, Nov 11 2009

       [marked-for-deletion] widely known to exist...   

       from the <link>   

       "Today, the personal stereo's capabilities have reached urban legend level proportions"
FlyingToaster, Nov 12 2009

       Further on't, from what I've read of this Bone Fone, it was just a couple of speakers that when placed the wrong way became muffled by your body. According to testimonials of those who owned it, the conveyance of sound through your bones was minimal, unlike the noise pollution, which was like you were wearing a crap ghetto blaster.   

       My idea is not for a speaker, it does not produce sound. It simply vibrates to produce the feeling of lots of sound. Completely different and unworthy of [m-f-d].   

       So there.
theleopard, Nov 12 2009

       //but unless they're widely known, hold your torches and pitchforks//
What about "widely known to exist by a significant few old enough to remember it"?
coprocephalous, Nov 12 2009


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