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point to point travel system made easy
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many times in my work I find myself contemplating taking the train instead of the car to get to a job. I have to work out if the cost of petrol compared to the train ticket and all the inconvience of getting a train. Some times I have to fly, or I could fly but that would mean I am limited to the timetables and other aspects of public transport. Sometimes I need some tools and equipment, ruling out public transport.

My idea of the Book-a-jurney system would allow a really flexable system so that I could input my start and destination points along with whatever travel constrains I have and the alternative options(ie. own car) and it will work out a travel plan based upon it. It would work out and tell me if it is cheaper or faster using certain modes of transport. The final step of the system would offer a one click booking option to link it all together.

oh, one final thing, the system would be smart. If for instance I was traveling from leeds to london at 8:00 monday morning it would know that by car it would take about 4 hours, the train would take 2 and a bit but transfers to the train and from the train to final destination would add a couple of hours making the journeys equal in time but by train you have the luxury of not having to drive and time to relax. The system would know about all the options and best travel preferences

farker, Oct 06 2004




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