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carpool bay

ebay style carpool and hitchhiking system
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this system would provide a number of different ways for people to get together to share the cost of traveling. It would be based on an ebay style system where buyers and sellers register and have a feedback system. 'Sellers' would advertise their journeys either a repeating one or one off's a couple weeks in advance. Potential buyers could search the system for the date they need to travel or destination and they would be able to see some feedback on the sellers previous journeys. New users would have to go through some kind of verification process to eliminate the danger aspect of accepting a ride from a stranger or giving one. Also a buyer could advertise the need for ride to somewhere.

I guess there would be some kind of legal aspect to this regarding payment for offering this service so there could be problems in how it is advertised.

farker, Aug 27 2004

RideshareOnline.com and Ridematch http://www.rideshareonline.com/
Systems like this one for the Puget Sound Area are in many cities. [jurist, Oct 17 2004]

Casual Carpool: no pay, no planning. http://www.ridenow.org/carpool/
No payment; but thanks to the bridge toll structure, the driver saves $3 as well as some time. [jutta, Feb 28 2006]


       Add details like smoking preference please. I'm not letting some tosser into my car if they're going to moan at me to put my fag out all the time.   

       Maybe need radio/music preference too.   

       If the courier/passenger didn't turn up what recourse would there be?   

       In the UK, membership of the AA (a recovery service) might be an advantageous attribute for a passenger (you're the member not the car!).
dobtabulous, Aug 27 2004

       I really like the radio/music prefs, great addition   

       I guess if they didn't turn up then you would leave negative feedback on the site. Like I said it would be like ebay, alot of selling is done on the feedback that people have left. I always check it before bidding
farker, Aug 27 2004

       It would certainly be amusing to read the feedback. I think the site would need a "worst picks" area people could read to get a laugh. ex: 'The man was a chronic nose picker and had other hygene issues as well. The car smelled faintly like a fastfood dumpster and his incessant ogling of female drivers makes him a danger to other motorists. Avoid the 78 Blue Nova and Doughnut Steve at all costs!'
Zimmy, Aug 27 2004

       I'm in favour of casual cooperative systems like this.   

       There used to be a geurilla used car yard - just a stretch of roadside land along which people parked cars they wanted to sell, with a 'for sale' sign in the window - outside a country town near where I live. Whenever I went past it was in an orderly state, and there were always plenty of free parking places. Nonetheless, a parking time limit was imposed, which soon put a stop to the practice. Spoilsports!
spidermother, Feb 28 2006


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