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Books on Phone

A toll free number you can dial and listen to books
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You could call the number and sign in to a personal account which knew all your preferences.Then select works from project gutenberg and other e-text archives and they would be read to you. Better yet the whole thing is free and aspiring writers could submit their stories. I have set up something like this already and can be accessed by:

dialing: 1800-555-TELL wait till it says tellme menu and dial 1-39746

beretboy, Jan 01 2001

That number just buzzes busy... https://en.wikipedi...iki/Tellme_Networks
...another number referenced on the wikipedia page leads to some sort of generic reports source - this link brought to you by the random button [normzone, Sep 23 2016]


       How do you pay for the phone bill?
egnor, Jan 02 2001

       I think he means there is no phone bill. Excepting the normal phone bill, i.e. no long distance charges, etc.
Eugene, Sep 16 2002

       This is a great idea. Someone should send it to the National Federation of the Blind in Baltimore who have a telephone service that provides access to national magazines and newspapers read by a computer voice, but it's only for people with low vision.
JesusHChrist, May 10 2005


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