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Border Obstacle Course

Bring natural selection back to the U.S. population
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When immigrants first starting flowing into North America from Europe, they had to surpass a big scary ocean and a number of physical, financial, and emotional challenges. Naturally, those who made the trip successfully were the most ambitious, optimistic, innovative and motivated. In a Darwinian kind of way, near ancestors of those immigrants were more likely to exhibit the same kind of innovation and ambition, thus a documented and measurable boost in creativity, technology, an success in the first 200-300 years of this country.

Today's population is far removed from the original challenge of crossing the ocean and settling a new land. We have settled into a domestic, lazy lifestyle. Modern immigrants may face certain obstacles (mostly paperwork), but nothing like the voyages of the original pilgrims and immigrants.

I propose that we build giant gateways on every side of the US, where those who pass through are welcomed as citizens, without red tape or delays. They are instantly documented and free to roam. The catch is that these gateways have physical obstacle courses, tests, and various puzzles/riddles one must solve to pass through. If you can't do it, sorry, you can still go the traditional path to citizenship. Those who pass the obstacle course may go on to be great contributors in a renaissance of American spirit.

napoleonbag, Jul 08 2015

Children born to non-US citizens could be barred from American birth certificates http://www.telegrap...h-certificates.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 09 2015]

What would you do to escape from France and enter the UK? http://www.telegrap...ais-goes-viral.html
[xenzag, Jul 09 2015]


       As long as the obstacle course works both ways.
FlyingToaster, Jul 08 2015

       There is an obstacle course of a kind already. It is a race for the pregnant. If you can get across the border and to a hospital just before you give birth, your child gets the prize of US citizenship. If you get shipped out before birth, you lose. Timing is everything. And keeping good records. Waiting until the kid grows up.   

       The new citizen then requests that his/her mom and pop visit. And they stay a while.   

       This is at least as bizarre as what you propose.
popbottle, Jul 08 2015

       That may not be true for much longer [popbottle].
It poses some interesting questions.
Usually when this sort of crap goes down in the states Canada isn't far from following suit.
Technically my own father was brought here when he was four days old but was born in another country. My hillbilly grandfather didn't believe in registering his kids so, even though he's lived his entire life here, paid taxes, and served in the military, he now has some weird landed immigrant status where they can not deport him, but if he ever leaves the country they don't have to let him back in.
Under these changes I could very well lose my Canadian citizenship and get shipped off to England.



       See panic amongst the several thousand migrants who are encamped at Calais, desperate to escape from France and enter the UK, where they will be given (inter alia): a fully furnished house; free hospital, medical and dental care for life; weekly welfare cash payments; free schooling, etc etc. All of this awaits tantalisingly close - 18 miles away, but there is an obstacle. This takes the form of The Channel Tunnel. Protected by razor wire, cameras, motion detectors, baton and tazer wielding guards, and of course 150mph trains, this is a formidable obstacle to those determined to escape from the hideous France and enter the heavenly UK aka Gravyland. One was killed this very week - run over by a train in the tunnel. Some have made it through - by hiding inside container trucks. Many more are detected and sent back for another try. One fell out of a plane, (having concealed himself in the wheel cavity on a flight all the way from South Africa) a few weeks ago as it passed over London, shortly before landing in Heathrow. It's not a laughing matter.
xenzag, Jul 09 2015

       Not at all.   


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