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Mexico as new EU member

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Well, given something deeply implausible the EU is going to be one member down.

Mexico is also about to have one less trading partner, so it seems logical.

Will at least mean the Eurovision Song contest will be slightly more interesting, "Mexico - nil points" and North Americans will be able to drive to the EU.

not_morrison_rm, Nov 17 2016


       Australia already participates in Eurovision, so we're halfway there.
AusCan531, Nov 17 2016

       Mexico would be welcome! If they end up not liking all those Americans that will flood in to escape the terror and dumbed down hell of Trumpland, and decide to leave the EU, will this be described as Mexigoes?
xenzag, Nov 17 2016

       Possibly not such a stupid idea....romance language, kind of Spanish culture, so should fit right in..
not_morrison_rm, Nov 17 2016

       It would be more useful for the UK if, as the UK leaves the EU, the Channel Islands (not currently EU members) join.
hippo, Nov 17 2016

       Don't forget Scotland. I'm all for Scotland staying in the EU.
st3f, Nov 17 2016

       // Don't forget Scotland. //   

       That isn't possible. Even with years of therapy, and industrial quantities of medication, somehow the nightmares always resurface.
8th of 7, Nov 17 2016

       Definitely get rid of scotland. I suggest deep frying the entire place and feeding it to the hungry inmates at Battersea Dogs home.
xenzag, Nov 17 2016

       //That isn't possible.//
So you've been to Glasgow, then.

       //deep frying the entire place//
[Sets up stall to sell deep-fried guardsmen during the Tattoo.]
st3f, Nov 17 2016

       // So you've been to Glasgow, then. //   

       Regrettably, yes.
8th of 7, Nov 17 2016

       //Regrettably, yes.// Oddly, Glasgow says much the same thing.   

       Ricey Bob (a friend of Sturton's, who comes from Glasgow - (and who wouldn't?)) tells me that there was a running book on whether you'd get out of the place alive. If the landlord of the Stoat and Bobcat didn't charge his customers for broken glasses, I suspect you wouldn't have.   

       Oh, and he said to tell you that Big Gertie McFadden's tests came back negative, whatever that means.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 17 2016

       EU = European Union   

       Are you planning to move the country Senior ?
popbottle, Nov 18 2016

       //EU = European Union   

       EU = El Unione Señor
AusCan531, Nov 19 2016

       I've got it. We move the border to the Texas- Oklahoma line. Mexico picks up some economy and joins the EU, the US gets Democrats for the next several election cycles, a wall is built, everybody's happy.
RayfordSteele, Nov 19 2016


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