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Bot Ross

Just kick back and enjoy the happy trees.
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Office-stress. Overtime. Traffic jam.

After braving all these things, after a long, tiring day, you finally come home. You toss your coat in the corner, press the 'welcome home' button on your remote. Soft sixties easy-listening music starts to play, and your highly sophisticated animatronic Bot Ross comes to life. A full- sized robot, standing behind the easel in your living room, an exact copy of the legendary Bob Ross. Paint ready, and even the mouth moves. His fatherly voice welcomes you.

"Hi! How was your day? You want some mountains?"

"Fine, thanks Bob... hmm... No, we had mountains yesterday. Maybe you can do something in a forest? Maybe with a little river?"

"Righty, gotcha chief. Now, let's see..."

You mix yourself a gin-tonic, and relax on your couch, leaning back for the next half-hour while the RossBot paints you a soothing little world.

Trickytracks, Jan 21 2006

For those of you not in the know. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Ross
The man was truly great. [Trickytracks, Jan 21 2006]

For those Trickytracks not in the know http://www.panoptic...ics/rolf_harris.gif
[wagster, Jan 26 2006]

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       Nono, we're going for the full experience here, of having your own Mr. Ross painting live in your living room. Plus, you get to keep the painting and any squirrels that might turn up.
Trickytracks, Jan 21 2006

       I'll have a RolfBot.
wagster, Jan 21 2006

       yes agree, a Rolfbot. just as long as he doesn't start chuckling...
po, Jan 22 2006

       <adopts metallic monotone voice> CAN... YOU... SEE... WHAT... IT... IS... YET...?</>
wagster, Jan 22 2006

       yes, its the Queen!
po, Jan 22 2006

       I'm sorry, we don't do refunds. We do have an extensive reprogramming course available at a cheap rate though.
Trickytracks, Jan 22 2006

       Funny that the guy's been dead over ten years and his programs continue to gain a wider and wider audience. There *is* something very relaxing about watching him paint, though.
DrCurry, Jan 22 2006

       I thought this was gonna be Ross from Friends. (Five funnier Robots not included).
etherman, Jan 22 2006

       ...and just put a happy, fluffy little bun right about, there, wasn't that easy.   

notmarkflynn, Jan 23 2006

       This is all a bit twilight-zoney. You mean you people across the pond had a Rolf Harris clone you weren't telling us about? What does this mean? How did it happen? Did he sing 'Stairway To Heaven' in a very inappropriate style? I need closure on this. I suppose Rolf Harris is the marsupial version and Rob Ross is placental. Is that it? Convergent evolution?
nineteenthly, Jan 23 2006

       Hey, when did [etherman] sneak back in?
Hi [em]!
coprocephalous, Jan 23 2006

       Hi [em]!
po, Jan 23 2006

       Hi [me]!
wagster, Jan 23 2006

       Changed the name... think it might work better this way. Also to prevent further sitcom-mixups.
Trickytracks, Jan 23 2006

       How do you go about botting someone?
fridge duck, Jan 23 2006

       I was wondering about that.
Trickytracks, Jan 23 2006

       Who's this Rolf Harris then? (too lazy for google ;P )
Trickytracks, Jan 25 2006

       Yeah, I'd rather have a can of Boss-Rot...   

       (grudging bun)
yamahito, Jan 25 2006

       Brings a Family Guy quote to mind:   

       "We'll just put some little happy trees over here, and that will be our little secret. Ok? And if you tell anyone, I will cut you..."   

       Bot Ross: How was your day today?
Trickletracks: Oh, you know, I managed to follow orders well enough.
Bot Ross: Have you had a chance to relax yet?
Trickytrax: Sure. Sure. As much as can be expected
Bot Ross: I've a new one for you. This one's called seagulls on the beach!
Trickytracks & friends: Do it to it!
Zimmy, Jan 26 2006

       Have a feeling that this may be unbelievably menacing like those laughing clowns in glass boxes they have at fairgrounds. {{{shudder}}}   

       Having said that, I do have a soft spot fer ol' Bob so you can have a bun painted with a fan brush and a finger-wiggle, my friend.
squeak, Jan 26 2006

       Thanks for the link, [Wagster]. God, he looks so menacing.
Trickytracks, Jan 26 2006


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