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Pet Fluffers'R'Us

Customize your aibo to make it furry.
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This is an idea for a business but there didn't seem to be an appropriate category so it has to go here.

The idea is simply to offer a service to customize people's Aibos (little robotic dogs produced by Sony that are made with un-lovable moulded plastic). The company would employ skilled teddy-bear craftsmen to transform a hard, clunky Aibo into a cuddly furry friend. And that's it.
spacemoggy, Aug 11 2004

Aibo FAQ http://www.aibo-eur....asp?language=en#q5
"Why hasn't it got fur?
Fur would probably get caught in AIBO's joints, and would cause the robot to overheat. So, for safety reasons, AIBO can't be covered in fur." [jutta, Oct 05 2004]

NeCoRo http://www.necoro.c...srelease/index.html
Furry robot pussy. [jutta, Oct 05 2004]

Cow monitor cover http://members.lyco...s/homedecor/28.html
Maybe these guys could do it? [wagster, Oct 05 2004]


       I know an Australian lady who makes good money out of making novelty dog coats. Now granted there are a lot more dog owners than Aibo owner, but the Aibo owners all have too much money or they wouldn't be buying an Aibo. Therefore you should be able to make this work so long as you market it well and charge top dollar.
wagster, Aug 11 2004

       PS 'Pet fluffers' could be misconstrued, and therefore probably will be ;-)
wagster, Aug 11 2004

       Misconstrued? I can't imagine how. {Looks innocent. Whistles jauntily.}
spacemoggy, Aug 11 2004

       Could be? I certainly had a different mental image when I clicked on the idea purely out of morbid curiosity. I figured I was going to see something about a vetrinary assistant for artificial insemination of pets...
Freefall, Aug 11 2004

       No croissant from you, I notice. Were you dissapointed by the non-smutty nature of the idea? That's the trouble with risque titles, they just raise expectations.
spacemoggy, Aug 11 2004

       Bathing them would be a bummer...
luecke, Aug 11 2004

       Why stop at Aibos (should there be an apostrophe in there or is that a brand name? I wouldn't want your ears to bleed, spacemoggy)? Most electrical appliances could probably do with a soft, furry coat. A fuzzy fridge would be nice. As would an Afghan Blender.   

       If you do ever come across a freelance teddy-bear-craftsman, let me know. I'm getting a bit bored of my cat's samey-samey stripey colour-scheme.
lostdog, Aug 11 2004

       //Misconstrued? I can't imagine how. {Looks innocent. Whistles jauntily.//
"You really spoil that dog!"
Like that, you mean?
gnomethang, Aug 12 2004


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