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cyborg dog, doesn't wait on evolution
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basic dog altered using plastic surgery and cybnetic implants. Guard dog with inbuilt taser and mace spray, companion dog with air freshner and massage implants, walking dog with panic alarm and mp3 player.

May be illegal in some places.

DjD, Mar 28 2000

CyberDog http://www.cyberdog.org/
Apple's abandoned HyperCard-ish OpenDoc-based web, news, ftp, gopher email client. Which some people apparently still use. [land, Mar 28 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Man's Best Friend http://us.imdb.com/Title?0107504
A biological rather than cybernetic approach to this problem, gets loose and kills people. Stars Lance Hendriksen, who should have known better, and Ally Sheedy, who, believe it or not, should have known better too. [Uncle Nutsy, Mar 28 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Baked http://www.aibo.com/
But not really gonna guard anything [dare99, Aug 29 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       This suggestion makes me shiver in horror. It's like bad sci-fi come to life.
dontthink, May 07 2000

       Actually, it IS from sci-fi, Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash" (a fairly entertaining read, btw). For now, just buy Sony's Aibo dog.
quanta, May 08 2000

       Or download it (see link...). Of course, it's no longer supported...
land, Jun 29 2000

       Interesting idea, but the guard dog with mace and taser is a bit of a concern. They'd need a lot of training, or you might get maced just because Fido or Prince is happy to see you.
BigThor, Aug 29 2000

       also wallace and grommit-a close shave
technobadger, Mar 09 2001

       Am I the only one having trouble visualizing the massage implants? Would this be a dog with Sharper Image type appendages? Or could you lie down on top of the dog -- perhaps while it is in "rest" mode -- and get a full massage table treatment? Either way is a little creepy.
magrak, Jun 10 2002

       Damn, *I* wanted to be the smart cookie who mentioned *Snow Crash*. Damn, I say!
earl, Jun 10 2002

       I want cybernetic implants, but only if they are compatible with my bagel and cream cheese.
BinaryCookies, Aug 30 2002


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