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Bottled Jam Doughnut Jam

De-Doughnutised Jam In A Bottle, Or A Jar, Or Even A Jug.
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If you were to ask a random idiot (and I do. All of my "research" comes from asking random idiots), you would quickly find out that of those who eat doughnuts *yes, I as making another idea about an O-shaped food, the preferred jam flavouring of the vast majority of the saner ones is strawberry. It is also well recognised that the jam in a strawberry jam doughnut is some of the best jam in existance. Therefore I propose that this jam is to be harvested and sold for other consumption purposes. If part of where the delicious taste is cultivated is within the doughnut, then I suggest the use of syringes to extract the strawberry goodness. On the far more likely chance of it just being in the cooking (or baking or growing, I don't know how jam is made) process then a percentage of this should be syphoned off for bottled jams.

There is a considerable chance that this idea may be already baked but if it is, then all I ask is for directions to where I can find this jam.

hidden truths, Jan 22 2005

a recipe for [hidden] http://www.sweettechnology.com/straw4.htm
[po, Jan 22 2005]

Canned Goods by Greg Brown http://www.gregbrow...onemor.html#cannedg
[robinism, Jan 22 2005]

Strawberry doughnut filling in a carton http://www.bakemark...tail/Dry/20690.html
[robinism, Jan 23 2005]


       Please also include custard.
Worldgineer, Jan 22 2005

       This kind of doughnut grows on low bushes in a few very specific northern temperate climates. I'll try to find a link.
Etymon, Jan 22 2005

       You can probably find the jam in doughnut-making-supply shops.
robinism, Jan 22 2005

       perhaps it only tastes that good because it is complemented by the baked dough but nice try.   

       jam is made, I believe, by boiling up fruit with a huge amount of sugar and pectin (?) to make it thicken. I imagine it is most probably totally unhealthy as a food and dreadfully fattening...and very simple to make at home btw.
po, Jan 22 2005

       Since it is the jelly from dohnuts I think the brand of jelly should be called "Dohnut Liposuction" (+)
MrDaliLlama, Jan 22 2005

       You are about right [po]. It does involve sugar. Though not hugh amounts and it is a special kind of sugar. Pectin is found in several fruits but it sometimes needs to be added for preservation purposes. I think homemade jam is healthier than that bought in the store. And you are right about making it easily at home.
Susan, Jan 22 2005

       [Susan] Eh? Jam making does not involve any special kind of sugar, and the pectin is what causes the jam to thicken - the sugar content is what preserves it! Homemade jam is only healthier in that you can make it with a higher proportion of fruit and also avoid artifical colours.
prufrax, Jan 22 2005

       This works best in strawberry fields. There is a sweetspot that moves around in the field where the berries are in a window of opportunity of delectable readiness. The process of collecting and turning them into jam takes place right about this time of night. It involves large plastic sheets, a nearby custard and whipped cream factory and a volunteer nudist colony or a fetish club emptying out for the evening.
mensmaximus, Jan 22 2005

       Yes I do. Its called Gelatine suggar. Its a sugar especially for making jams. Called my mother...You are right about the pectin..
Susan, Jan 22 2005

       The challenging part is the canning, because if it's not done right, the jam could make you sick. But that's not a problem if you eat it right away instead of canning :P   

       IIRC, Jelly doughnut filling has a less intense flavor, and a smoother texture, than jam. So take some jam, water it down, thicken it with cornstarch, and voila. Or buy some pie filling.
robinism, Jan 22 2005

       jam (for home use) here is mainly purchased in jars.   

       strawberry fields for ever!
po, Jan 22 2005

       Canning is just the process of putting the hot goop into a wax-or-rubber sealed jar and boiling the jar within an inch of its life. I don't know why we call it canning, but any other name would be jarring.   

       Why can? See link.
robinism, Jan 22 2005

       After three annotations, I finally realized I would buy this. Strawberry pie filling in a jar, to spread thick on crackers.
Jam is to Jelly doughnut filling, as yogurt is to custard-style.
robinism, Jan 22 2005

       The jam-making sugar you can buy is just an expensive way of buying ordinary sugar with a little pectin added to it.   

       There is no gelatine in jam.
prufrax, Jan 22 2005

       ah! so canning is bottling. :) aint our language something else?
po, Jan 22 2005

       [Prufrax] I could say that there is in my jam......   

       But its a language problem. here its called 'Gelei suiker', 'Gelei' translates as Gelatine.   

       I don't agree with you on the expensive part though. It costs almost as much as a regular pack of sugar. You could be right about the adding of pectine but about the suggar being the same I don't know. The 'jelly' sugar doesn't have the same structure as regular sugar.
Susan, Jan 22 2005

       Maybe it's fructose? (regular sugar is sucrose)
robinism, Jan 22 2005

       Yes! you are right Robinism. Thank you!
Susan, Jan 22 2005

       A machine that squeezes the doughnuts, allowing the jam to be extracted should do it - although, I heard that in the olden days, they used to get the maidens of the locality to tread the doughnuts in large wooden vats in order to extract the jammy goodness.
zen_tom, Jan 22 2005

       Got to try these awsome jelly jam hints. I think I'll thicken up some sweetened sesame oil and try filling a few donuts with it.
reensure, Jan 22 2005

       I wonder if it's all psychological... the jam of the donut is tasty becuase it comes from donuts, which themselves are tasty. If it was on its own it would taste like regular jam, perhaps?
pooduck, Jan 23 2005

       You can buy this from bakers' suppliers (see link). If it were marketed to home users, then this invention would be baked.   

       [pooduck] it's not an optical or gustatory illusion; it really is different from jam. (There's even a song that goes "It must be jelly donut filling, 'cause jam don't shake like that")
robinism, Jan 23 2005


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