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MSG detection strips

Avoid natural flavoring headaches
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For some people MSG can cause terrible headaches. Many packaged foods contain MSG with out listing it. Often the term natural flavorings are used to conceal the fact that MSG is used. What is needed is a quick simple test that can be conducted at the table. Since MSG does occur naturally it would have to show the concentration not just yes or no. Maybe something like litmus strip test where the more the color changes the more MSG there is
duroncrush, Feb 01 2004

msg = monosodium glutamate, mmmm msg. http://www.womanht....lutamate_or_msg.htm
[po, Oct 04 2004]


       Great idea. Same concept could be used to detect allergens for people with deadly food allergies. For example, "Peanut detection strips."
AntiQuark, Jun 13 2004


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