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Fill your own doughnuts

A pack of doughnuts with a plastic syringe included and a range of fillings.
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For those that don't want 5 apple doughnuts or 5 strawberry jam doughnuts (please bear in mind that I'm thinking of the UK market and not the US. Doughnuts over here are generally bought in multipacks from supermarkets with v boring fillings) they should let us do it ourselves. In each pack are 5 plain doughnuts, a plastic syringe and sachets of different jams or fillings. This way, we can regulate what goes in the doughnut. If you want 5 different doughnuts you can fill each doughnut separately, if you want apple and strawberry, just inject it with two different sachets. The shop would then sell the sachets separately so you could create your own combinations of fillings. You could even add your own fillings - ie custard, icecream, minced beef etc
Bantam, Jan 06 2003

Beefdonut.com http://www.beefdonut.com/
[my face your, Oct 04 2004]


       "why not let the children do it"? Good idea, gets them doing practical and fun stuff in the kitchen.
Bantam, Jan 06 2003

       Well, it seems like providing popular combinations (i.e., using the same fillings you'd be able to sell as sachets) for individual purchase is easier. Unless there are a number of different doughnuts as well as fillings, which makes the number of permutations much larger -- but aren't filled doughnuts pretty standard?   

       Selling 'blanks' is an interesting idea, though. I don't think using ordinary doughnuts would work very well.   

       Little food-assembly kits do seem to be popular with [edit begins] chilen [edit ends]. And there are all kinds of other things around the house the enterprising little guys could stick a syringe into.   

       ("What happened to the jelly? What do you mean, you 'mainlined' it?").
Monkfish, Jan 06 2003

       if its a game for the chilen we are after, we could fire these afterwards from a small cannon.
po, Jan 06 2003

       No, what's easier is to buy the damn donuts the way you want them. I'm tired of all this "make your own" crap. If I'm paying for it, I want someone else to make it for me!   

       (sp: chilluns)
snarfyguy, Jan 06 2003

       half-baked doughnuts, snarfy. half-baked doughnuts, snarfy.
po, Jan 06 2003

       Have you ever had a Krispie Kreme chocolate-topped, creme-filled.....warm? Well, heads up! They're going international...they'll knock your socks off!
waxingpoetic, Jan 06 2003

       [bliss], so true. 3 blocks, huh...I'm about 30 minutes from one and I can barely control myself. Of course they're in the supermarket and various convenience stores, but I'd rather have "delivery" than "DiGiorno".
waxingpoetic, Jan 06 2003

       A doughnut suppository?
barnzenen, Jan 07 2003

       ...Visions of confused druggies shooting strawberry jam up their arms...
RayfordSteele, Jan 07 2003

       Why not just take a plain donut, a knife, and a jar of jam and spread and dip to your heart's content?
tchaikovsky, Oct 25 2003

       Baked. I saw an infomercial the other day about it. It's a make-your-own donut kit that comes with a plastic syringe like the one you describe.
miamigrandprix, Oct 25 2003


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