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Bottled Refrigerated Unpasteurized Young Coconut Water

Sold in supermarkets in the refrigerator department
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The water from young (also called Thai) coconuts is sweet and extremely healthful. If you pasteurize it, it loses it valuable nutrients. Some company that knows how to bottle beverages and deliver them to markets in refrigerated trucks ought to bottle the water from young coconuts and deliver it fresh, unpasteurized (with an expiration date clearly marked) to markets, which would display it near the freshly-squeezed bottles of unpasteurized orange and grapefruit juice. People in the burgeoning raw foods community know how fabulous young-coconut water is as a drink on its own and as an ingredient in smoothies, soups and countless other recipes. It's time some entrepreneur made money with this idea so the rest of us could walk into a market and buy this without having to take the time to open a young coconut.
sketchgrrl, Jul 12 2005

Baked. Coconut water exists. This is just one example. http://www.fao.org/...zine/9810/spot3.htm
The patent: "You put the lime in the coconut, drink it all up." I'm not kidding, that's their secret. [Amos Kito, Jul 12 2005, last modified Jul 13 2005]

Link http://www.geocitie...bloomfield/tmp.html
[hippo, Jul 19 2005]


       Coconut elitism. We can only get old coconut milk around here.
wagster, Jul 12 2005

       The FDA probably wouldn't let you sell it around here (US). They certainly take a very tough stance on unpasteurized milk and cheese.
DrCurry, Jul 12 2005

       If my memory of coconuts is correct, You don't get much "milk" from each coconut. They would have to get a LOT of coconuts to make a pint carton! I can't imagine it being very cheap, especially with all the refrigeration costs. Or very popular. What would you do with the leftover coconut halfs? I'm giving you a bun for vision....
Minimal, Jul 12 2005

       If you do this, I'm going to lose my gloating privileges. I just took a green coconut out of the fridge, bored a hole into it with my pocketknife, and stuck in a straw. Ahhhhahaha, yeah!   

       Good on you, though, for trying to share. +
baconbrain, Jul 12 2005

       Thanks everyone, for your comments.   

       My responses:   

       To Amos Kito: Interesting, but the product you cite has a sucrose and some chemical added to it, in addition to citrus, so it's not what I am suggesting. My product would have nothing added to it. It would simply be pure young coconut water, bottled and kept cold. In addition, my product comes from YOUNG coconuts. The one you linked to says the coconuts are nine months old. You say this link is just one example. If you know of someone who is bottling pure raw young coconut water I would love to know.   

       To wagster: Ha ha. Where is "here"?   

       To DrCurry: Coconut water is a non-dairy product and would not be subject to the rules that apply to animal milk and its byproducts.   

       To Minimal: It's true that "old" coconuts don't contain much water, but young ones contain quite a lot. That's another advantage of young coconuts!   

       To baconbrain: You seem to know what I'm talking about. I've been using a hammer and chisel to open my young coconuts. It's not too hard to do, but it's messy.
sketchgrrl, Jul 13 2005

       //sucrose and some chemical added to it, in addition to citrus, so it's not what I am suggesting//   

       Yes, that does seem more like an ordinary "power drink". Without adding all that stuff to it, all they'd be selling is coconut water...
Amos Kito, Jul 13 2005

       "Just" young-coconut water (alone) is quite delicious! And health-promoting! It's got everything!
sketchgrrl, Jul 13 2005

       And it is very good, and very popular in places where it is available. Despite Minimal's lack of imagination, Sketchgrrl has a very good idea here.   

       A green coconut is a very good container, full of one of the most refreshing drinks in the world. It doesn't need sucrose or anything added, it just needs a twist-off top. As sold in shops, a green coconut has most of the husk trimmed off, but a big knife is still required to get an opening for a straw.   

       Last month, I was stranded inside Bangkok airport, wanting a drink of something extra soothing, and was very happy to find green coconuts--truly the best drink for a dehydrated traveller--in a shop inside the secure area. I bought one, and just as I realizing that my oh-so-dangerous pocketknife was securely locked away in my checked luggage, the clerk set about opening the coconut with a whacking great cleaver.
baconbrain, Jul 13 2005

       Unrelated really, but I think this idea has the longest title of any idea in the 'bakery.
5th Earth, Jul 13 2005

       Coconut Grove, East Dulwich, London.
wagster, Jul 13 2005

       Thanks, [Baconbrain], for your support. I think if most people here had the opportunity to drink this they would like it or even love it!   

       [UnaBubba], perhaps the ones he drank had gone bad? If the coconut flesh is pinkish, it has gone bad and the water is bad too. And as for a machete or cleaver, that's too scary for me! One other thing: there's a misconception about coconut oil. It's actually good for us. Studies have shown that it has many health benefits, ranging from disease prevention to anti-aging. Coconut oil consists of naturally saturated fats, including lauric acid, which is heavily recommended in anti-fungal (anti-cancer, anti-candida) healing programs.   

       [5th Earth], I can't say I've read most of the ideas on halfbakery, but you could be right. You made me laugh.   

       [Wagster], do you mean some other Coconut Grove than the one in FL?   

       [El Dorado, Jr.], that could be the product name. (Although some people might assume the "juice" was extracted from the coconut flesh, which it isn't.)
sketchgrrl, Jul 19 2005

       When I was young we had unpasteurised milk delivered to our door in glass bottles. I'm imagining a coconut milk service like this.
hippo, Jul 19 2005

       You'll find more whimsy here than straight answers [sketchgrrl].
wagster, Jul 19 2005

       So the idea is to bottle and sell an existing product?   

       By the way, this is the only page on the internet that contains the phrase "burgeoning raw foods community". Just an FYI.
waugsqueke, Jul 19 2005

       [waugs] No it's not (link).
hippo, Jul 19 2005


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