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Beer Concentrate

Ship syrup to bars to lower shipping costs
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First, vacuum distill the beer, and trap the alcohol for future use. Second, vacuum distill out a majority of the water. Third, add back the alcohol. Fourth, sell it to hole-in-the-wall dive bars as a dirt-cheap alternative to preformed beer.

I wouldn't drink this crap, but the majority of your Natural- Light crowd would certainly enjoy the even lower cost of getting wasted without style.

kevinthenerd, Sep 27 2009

Pat's Back Country beer http://patsbackcountrybeer.com/home.html
Beer concentrate. [phoenix, Sep 27 2009]

Transporting Beer Concentrate http://www.krunk.or...pics/pvt-tank/corx/
Coors [vincevincevince, Sep 29 2009]


       Scope for drinking the concentrate neat [+] An old tired idea [-] Neutral on balance I suppose...
pocmloc, Sep 27 2009

       [+] I don't drink but I'd certainly start if I could put it in a soda fountain with the other flavors.
Jscotty, Sep 27 2009

       how is this distilling process cheaper than making schnapps, which cost more than beer? []
sninctown, Sep 27 2009

       - for alcohol abuse
afinehowdoyoudo, Sep 29 2009

       Not an idea but in fact a reality (see link)
vincevincevince, Sep 29 2009

       Bigger question: //Can you still find a pub ... in central london ?//
Answer: So far as I know there is not a single pub remaining in central london; all are now mere bars.
vincevincevince, Sep 29 2009

       //Where do you draw the line between pub and bar ?// Difficult question. First of all and most importantly; a pub is a community; most patrons are part of the community and most know and live around each other. At a bar, you either drink alone or bring your own friends. A pub then typically will have a number of these characteristics: no music, very light music, friendly landlord and atmosphere, good lighting, ample seating, affordable food, fresh beer, most patrons drinking sensibly. A bar will typically have a number of these characteristics: loud music, big screen sports, aggressive bartenders, high-strung charged atmosphere, focus on cheap spirits commercial lagers, large portion of people on a drink-until-drunk scheme, bar snacks rather than meals, overcrowding.
vincevincevince, Sep 29 2009

       The link to the Coors train cars refers to wort as beer concentrate. Wort is actually pre-beer, think of it as malt/hops/water. So while it can be a concentrate, it's not beer, since it has not fermented into an alcoholic beverage yet.
normzone, Sep 29 2009

       Given that fantastic description, are there any real pubs in the greater Tampa Bay area?   

       I wonder what will come of Pat's Back Country beer.
kevinthenerd, Sep 29 2009

       What's central Bigsleep? The Shakespeare on Goswell road (near the Barbican) sports two pool tables. Judging by v³'s criteria, I would class it as a pub.
zen_tom, Sep 29 2009


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