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Cayenne Daiquiri

A Manly Daiquiri!
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A strawberry daiquiri but instead of strawberry you use cayenne peppers.

No more getting picked on for buying a "Girly" drink at the bar.

jhomrighaus, Sep 10 2007

here's a recipe for some Jamaican *Mannish Water* http://www.islandfl...ipes/manwater.shtml
that's for tuff-guys! [xandram, Sep 11 2007]

Sambal Oelek http://importfood.com/saso0801.html
Stir this into your drink. [baconbrain, Sep 14 2007]

Daiquiris were invented by a MAN! http://www.strawber...quiri-invention.php
I love the idea... daiquiris are great but I hate the 'girly' stigma that can come with them. I wish there was a way to get rid of that stigma because the daiquiri was not originally a girly drink at all. Ernest Hemingway was obsessed with daiquiris (he's a guy). Also, I did a google search on the origin of the daiquiri and it turns out it was also invented by a guy, Jennings Cox. I found this information in a newspaper article from 1937 in the Miami Herald, look and verify for yourself [tguinall, Oct 21 2008]


       you want a parasol with that?
po, Sep 10 2007

       Might be helpful to keep your tears from diluting the drink.
jhomrighaus, Sep 10 2007

       bad as that, huh?
po, Sep 10 2007

       perhaps, a tough guy hangover kit for the next morning.
po, Sep 10 2007

       "recipe - the central purpose of the invention is to describes how to prepare a dish that could be enjoyed by people eating it. In other words, recipes fit for Internet recipe sites should be posted there, not here"   

       [AD] do you know what a Cayenne Pepper is? I think you would be hard pressed to define this idea as something that could be enjoyed by people eating it. Also this is not a recipe(with ingredients and portions) designed to allow one to mix this drink as indicated in the help file. This is not a recipe but rather a concept for a new type of drink.
jhomrighaus, Sep 10 2007

       This is a recipe!   

       To Make a Cayenne Daiquiri;   


       2 cups Ice, 5 ripe Cayenne peppers with stems removed, 4 oz rum, spices as desired.   

       Equipment Needed;   

       Large blender, Small Paring knife, Cutting Board, Tall drink glass.   


       Chop cayenne peppers into pieces to aid grinding(beware to protect eyes from contact with oils from peppers), place into blender with 2 cups chopped ice and season to taste, chop until thick mixture is obtained, add rum then mix till smooth, pour into glass and garnish with sprig of parsley, serve chilled.   

jhomrighaus, Sep 10 2007

       If it's got rum in it, who cares if it's girlie?
DrCurry, Sep 10 2007

       oh thanks. no sugar eh? the format is not all that makes a recipe. the content of this idea is a Recipe.   

       Perhaps to create a conceptual drink category, you could expound a bit on the uses & occasions for such a concoction.
dentworth, Sep 10 2007

       First the help file seems to imply that a recipe as one would find on an internet recipe site is what is indicated, that seems to imply format in at least some form. There is also more than sufficient precedent for such ideas here(check the rest of this category for examples)   

       As for the concept, you go out on the town with the guys from work, ordering a strawberry daiquiri or a Pina Collada just isn't in the cards(closest you can get to them would be Bloody Marys or Redeyes. This would bring daiquiris into the mainstream for manly men.
jhomrighaus, Sep 10 2007

       looks like you may be right about that, but look at "flavor" "flavor - the poster would like something that already comes in a number of flavors to come in another flavor. For example, tomato ice cream, or chocolate toothpaste."
dentworth, Sep 10 2007

       Why are we all on a mission to get ideas deleted, why cant we just enjoy the ideas?   

       The real idea here was a daiquiri(a drink normally associated with women) that was distinctly Manly Man oriented (as opposed to saying boy i wish I could buy a vomit flavored potato chip) I suppose it is a flavor of drink and stretching things a lot a recipe but neither was the intention of the idea.
jhomrighaus, Sep 10 2007

       And the intention and knowledge of the poster also applies as has been indicated. I just don't think we as bakers should be on a mission to get things deleted just because they superficially resemble something in the help file. We shall see what is decided by the powers that be.
jhomrighaus, Sep 10 2007

       I wouldn't worry about deleting comments, this is a flavour idea and I would have thought will get deleted anyway.   

       Have you ever tried chili vodka by the way [jhom]? In Revolution bars in the UK you can buy a rack of 6 flavoured vodka shots, all clear, but one of them is the super hot fiery madness chili vodka one. You share the rack with pals in a Russian Roulette kind of game. Quite amusing, if you're drunk and like laughing at friends' misfortune. Unless of course you get it yourself, in which case it just hurts.
theleopard, Sep 10 2007

       This is a recipe. I make many herbal remedies using cayenne pepper. One for a cold with lemon, honey, cayenne pepper and distilled water. (can substitute apple cider vinegar for the lemon and make it even more manly.)
[theleopard] is right, there are all kinds of flavored vodkas, which still make a drink with a recipe.
xandram, Sep 11 2007

       One time when I spent some time in Lisbon, we got to be good friends with a gentleman who owned a bar. He made a mixture of 'Absinto' and Habenero peppers, mixed in a plastic jug, that he used (mostly) as a practical joke when we all got drunk. A manlier (read: dumber) drink has never existed. I'm not sure this comment is even all that relevant. More of a warning; watch out for the internet cafe/bars in Lisbon!
gus_webb, Sep 11 2007

       What's with the modern fetish for making shit hotter, yet without adding actual flavor?   

       As to the idea, I'm more man enough that I don't feel the need to worry about what other people think about my drink order. If I want something sweet and creamy, like a daiquiri, that's what I'll have. Trying to prove your manliness by singeing your tastebuds accomplishes just the opposite.
Noexit, Sep 11 2007

       Similarly, an ex-colleague of mine used to brag that he was *so* comfortable in his heterosexuality that he could bum men.   

       I'm not so sure...
theleopard, Sep 11 2007

       So when were you in congress?
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 11 2007

       //Similarly, an ex-colleague of mine used to brag that he was *so* comfortable in his heterosexuality that he could bum men.//   

       He's just taking a wide stance; probably just really open to deeply exploring new ideas.
Noexit, Sep 11 2007

       "The help section applies here as anywhere, as you well know."   

       God, what a world of sanctimony is contained in that. jhom's having FUN, fergawsake.
Murdoch, Sep 12 2007

       The idea of a cayenne daiquiri was dumb long before it was posted here. Still is.   

       //What's with the modern fetish for making shit hotter, yet without adding actual flavor?//   

       Sometimes it's just the natural result of eating spicy foods.
nomocrow, Sep 12 2007

       Yeah, but people say "spicy" when they mean the bite of capsaicin, and forget about the aroma of, say, cumin, which is a spice. There's a hell of a difference between an oil which burns your tongue, and an odor which fills your nose with heaven.   

       I could rant about bitter, flavorless, painful chili, but that isn't appropriate for the Halfbakery. Neither is this recipe.   

       Speaking of recipes, a Googling found: "This cocktail contains Brandy, Powdered Sugar, Cayenne Pepper, and Egg Yolk.", "This non alcoholic beverage contains Lemon, Maple Syrup, and Cayenne Pepper.", "This cocktail contains Tequila Gold, Ginger Beer, and Tabasco Sauce." and "Use Sweet Heat Margerita & Daiquiri mix to blend fantastic Margarita and Daiquiri cocktails, . . .." [ ]
baconbrain, Sep 12 2007

       The help file will do just fine without my input, as will Jutta, as you well know. ;)
Murdoch, Sep 13 2007

       [baconbrain] Cayenne peppers are not flavourless, they have a flavour quite unlike any other spice and are different from, say, scotch bonnet peppers. You may have to be quite tolerant of capsaicin to tell the difference.   

       If they could keep the flavour in cayennes and remove the capsaicin I'd eat a lot more of them, but until then a cayenne daiquiri sounds quite nice.
Srimech, Sep 13 2007

       Cayennes can be grown in a variety of heat levels. I know I have seen at least three in garden catalogs. And yes, peppers do have flavor, not just heat.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 13 2007

       Think I'll just go along with the sniping option, when I can justify it by virtue of curmudgeonliness, if that's okay, AD. Oh, and while we're here, I'm way too old for hissy fits, but not so old that I just nod and smile at everythiing. :{)>
Murdoch, Sep 13 2007

       Wha? I never said cayenne pepper was flavorless. I keep a shaker of ground cayenne beside the stove, even.   

       I was lamenting the fact that a lot of folks seem fascinated with Scoville Units, and forget about flavor. To them, "spicy" means a burning tongue. To me, "spicy" means the dish includes various spices, like a curry, or good chili or an Indonesian rendang.   

       I'd ordinarily not fuss about this, but I thought it might distract from some of the hooraw going on here. Dammit, it seems like every time someone posts an "idea" that is really outside the Halfbakery scope, we get a week of wrangling about it.
baconbrain, Sep 13 2007

       //not the real world// whaaat? I've lived here for 6 years.
po, Sep 13 2007

       there,there [po]. take it slowly, go have a lie down.   

       Think happy, bacon scented, custard filled hulabaloon, flocking chocolate pirate thoughts.
dentworth, Sep 13 2007

       *SNICKER* [marked-for-tagline] dentworth's anno above.
k_sra, Sep 13 2007

       //I keep a shaker of ground cayenne beside the stove// That's why it's flavorless.   

       You can put small amounts of spicy things like cayenne in foods and add a completely new level of flavor without adding any heat.   

       But there are some really spicy Asian dishes that wouldn't be the same if they weren't spicy hot.   

       But it's a matter of balance, big flavors, spicy heat, hoisen and sesame and champagne.
nomocrow, Sep 14 2007

       Are you saying my cayenne powder is flavorless because it is ground or because I keep it beside the stove? I don't keep it RIGHT next to the stove, in the heat; it's in a cupboard within grabbing distance. I use the cayenne powder when frying steaks or chops.   

       For wet work, I use Sambal Oelek, which is just ground peppers. I assume the peppers are cayenne, as it's made in California. It would stir into cocktails very well, especially into a Bloody Mary, which already uses cayenne and Tabasco.   

       Isn't this nice? Here we are, trading recipes and cooking tips. Further indication that the "idea" that started this was a recipe.   

       Cayenne and alcohol has been done, so there's nothing new here. The fact that the "idea" doesn't specify amounts of ingredients is immaterial. It can be re-written as, "In a Strawberry Daiquiri recipe, substitute cayenne peppers for the strawberries." Many a recipe book has dozens of variation on basic recipes written like that.   

       Something like this is a good recipe for making Steamed Jutta. I, for one, think that would be a bad thing. [-]
baconbrain, Sep 14 2007

       I don't like this idea because it's a one-joke cliche post that has been done before (as has been pointed out) - but a recipe it isn't, even if it had been written in the exact form of a recipe. The concoction would be painful to drink for most consumers of any gender, and the author knows that, and expects the readers to understand that, too. Hence it runs afoul of "the central purpose of the invention is to describes how to prepare a dish that could be enjoyed by people eating it." This wouldn't be enjoyed, nor is it intended to be.
jutta, Nov 09 2007

       Thanks Jutta for the minor vindication on the recipe point. Appologies Jutta for the lame idea that is certainly not one of my best,   


       in my defense this was an actual idea that came while dining out with my baby brother who recently turned 21. We were poking fun at his taste for strawberry daiquiris which we found somewhat incongruous when you took in the image of a 275lb 6 foot 1 inch kid built like a football lineman drinking from that tall glass with the little pink umbrella. We all thought it would help him with the girls(the other topic of conversation at the time) if he lost the umbrella and told them it was a hot pepper daiquiri or something like that.
jhomrighaus, Nov 09 2007


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