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Bottom-heavy Spoon

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There is a certain point in eating a cup of yogurt or similar, "the point of no return," wherefrom the weight of the cup's contents does not counterbalance the weight of the spoon - the spoon tips the cup over, and the contents spill out.

This could be remedied by making the bottoms of yogurt cups significantly heavier, or just making more bottom-heavy spoons. I think the latter would cost less, as (most people) buy far fewer spoons than cups of yogurt/pudding/fruit/etc.

rgovostes, May 02 2006

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       I have great spoons, that are styled to look like bamboo. They are a pleasure to hold, and great in almost every respect. However, the tubular "bamboo" is very heavy(solid stainless), and when I'm eating and doing something else (1/2baking?) it tends to flop out of my yogurt/spagetti/creme brulee. Mess ensues.   

       Probably I do not need this invention though. Probably I just need regular spoons, or to eat at the table like a civilized person.
GutPunchLullabies, May 02 2006

       Another approach is a "kitchen rock" - a ball of lead which you put into your yogurt before eating it. It weighs down the container so the spoon doesn't tilt it over.   

       You can suck on the lead ball afterwards to get the last bits of flavor. Completely washable and reusable.
phundug, May 02 2006

       How about a cupholder at your desk?
Galbinus_Caeli, May 03 2006

       //You can suck on the lead ball afterwards // Now, THAT explains a lot.
zigness, May 04 2006

       Just procure a big bunch of colorful balloons to the handle of your spoon thus keeping it from leaning on the container at all. Plus, you'll never forget where you put that almost finished yogurt while wandering around looking for your lead weight. Trust me, I know all about spoons; this is clearly the only answer.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 04 2006


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