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Paddlewheel Soup Spoon

No more slurping, splashing or spilling.
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Soups are nutritious and easy to cook. Unfortunately, eating soup can be as messy and inefficient as a dog lapping water. Enter the paddlewheel soup spoon to make eating soup fast and fun.

To use, just pull the spoon out from its handle. The shaft telescopes out to assume the shape of a crank. The handle contains the motor, battery and a button to dictate the direction and speed of rotation. As the shaft turns, gears ensure that the spoon stays level except at the ten o’clock position when it empties its contents, and at the four or eight o’clock – depending on the direction – when it enters the bowl. One can even choose to let a spoon of too hot soup revolve several times in the air before being poured between the lips.

A wonder of stainless steel and polycarbonates, the super sipper makes quick work of broths, bisques and bouillabaisses or even, when you’re alone, a bowl of gravy.

FarmerJohn, Nov 24 2003

combine it with this one.. http://www.halfbake...m/idea/soup_20timer
fj! what a treat.. [po, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Pleeeeese. A picture, pleeeese.
squeak, Nov 24 2003

       I'll buy one. Not just for soup though... it could work for popcorn!
(Welcome back btw!)
Jinbish, Nov 24 2003

       <sloop & ben>The utensil would require some initial hand-mouth coordination.   

       <squeak>When my PC and I are feeling better.   

FarmerJohn, Nov 24 2003

       I like the sound of that paddlewheel soup - those paddlewheels taste so goooood!
dobtabulous, Nov 24 2003

       Yes. The gravy option. I'll just have to get one for my fella. Up till now he's had to resort to a jug and funnel to get that non-stop gravy thing goin' on.
squeak, Nov 24 2003

       Good to see you back, as it were, but I have visions of an ever-faster stream of soup being delivered to my tie.
DrCurry, Nov 24 2003

       You're panic-gripping the handle.
FarmerJohn, Nov 24 2003

       I'm a big fan of the soups in the microwaveable container that you just sip on ... but it really detracts from the drama and passion of enjoying soup with a spoon (or fork if its from Bennigans - mm)
Letsbuildafort, Nov 24 2003

       How do you control when the soup gets poured out of the spoon?   

       Also, I’ve never had much luck pouring anything into my mouth since it opens from the front rather than the top. Or are you supposed to turn your chair around and tip your head backwards (like you do when getting your hair washed at the hairdresser)?
AO, Nov 24 2003

       Hey Look the nice Farmer is back! Great!
The Kat, Nov 24 2003

       <AO>The premise was that when the handle is held steady and level in the right hand, at 60 degrees from the vertical in its rotation the spoon end smoothly tilts towards you, pouring out its contents. A forward move of the head with an extension of the lower jaw and tongue, as if kissing someone with buck teeth straight on, should suffice to catch the liquid.   

FarmerJohn, Nov 25 2003

       Well, I accept this idea wholeheartedly (I say as I jut my chin and stick out my tongue.) Is it available with 2, 4 or 16 spoons on a single handle for more efficient soup imbibing?
AO, Nov 25 2003


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