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Ever-Crunch Spoon

Sick of soggy cereal?
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Never again have mushy cereal with the Ever-Crunch Spoon.

This spoon has a deeper bowl than regular spoons, and the handle is hollow, with openings in the bowl of the spoon and at the end of the handle. Connected at the handle end is a pump, and a rubber hose. Stick one end of the rubber hose into a cup/bowl/container of milk. The other end connects to the pump.

Scoop up some dry cereal, insert into mouth, and thumb the pump's switch to squirt some milk into your mouth.

Mmmmm.... Always crunchy, never soggy!

DesertFox, Jun 11 2005


       FarmerJohn, could you illustrate this?
DesertFox, Jun 11 2005

wagster, Jun 11 2005

       ... Then one day, little Johnny decided to replace his sisters milk with that milk-like stuff he found in the bathroom which his mum used for cleaning the toilet...   

       Okay, that thought isn't nice, but bun anyway...
froglet, Jun 11 2005

       DesertFox, I would like to help you but I'm on an extended trip.
FarmerJohn, Jun 13 2005

       Unfortunately, there is now a commercial on tv, for Raisin Bran Flakes, where the basis is this guy has been fired several times, but his cereal is so crunchy, he never seems to hear his bosses words, whilst he is eating his daily bowl...   

blissmiss, Jun 13 2005

       FJ travels light. wot no pencil?
po, Jun 13 2005

       I like my cereal soggy. But bun anyway 'cause there's obviously a market for this kind of thing.
Machiavelli, Jun 13 2005

       So, can the tube siphon a small amount of milk into the spoon every time you scoop cereal? This way, you have a milk/cereal blend in the spoon, so you get that feel, and its very crunchy.
daseva, Jun 13 2005

       Where are you going, FarmerJohn? We'll miss you while you are gone.
DesertFox, Jun 13 2005

       //We'll miss you while you are gone//   

       We will?   

froglet, Jun 13 2005

       FJ - Jamaica?
senatorjam, Jun 13 2005

       senator, you double posted.
DesertFox, Jun 13 2005

       senator, you double posted.
DesertFox, Jun 13 2005

       I managed to quintuple post today. I thought the computer had crashed and kept hitting OK.
wagster, Jun 13 2005

       That's never happened to *me* before. Neener neener neener.
Machiavelli, Jun 13 2005

       That's never happened to *me* before. Neener neener neener.
Machiavelli, Jun 13 2005

       Hee hee! Hi [Mach], always good to see you around.
wagster, Jun 13 2005

       Same goes for you, [wags]. :-)
Machiavelli, Jun 13 2005

       Yeah, nice to see you Machiavelli. Where have you been?
DesertFox, Jun 14 2005

       [po] Wot the fok, I needed my scanner.   

       [DesertFox] I'm back today after 3 weeks (helped my bro put up siding) but am terribly jet-lagged.
FarmerJohn, Jun 14 2005

       Whoa! You used a jet to put up siding? You'd think it would have gone faster.
bristolz, Jun 14 2005

       Replace cereal with toothpaste and milk with water, and you've got yourself a fine WaterPik with minimal design changes needed.
phundug, Jun 14 2005

       //Yeah, nice to see you Machiavelli. Where have you been?//   

       Thanks, [DFox]. I've been training to be an astronaut and taking courses in sushi making. That's been taking a lot of my time.   

       Just kidding. I've been around, just haven't been anno-ing.
Machiavelli, Jun 14 2005

       Or two tubes, one in the cereal box and the other in the milk jug and you get a modified wet dry vac. Replace holding chamber with slightly wider tube, put mouth on end of tube. Setting for turbo eat and also reverse for those on diet. +
sartep, Jun 15 2005

       + Yes, I need this invention. When I want a little crunchy cereal snack, I usually eat some cereal from the box and drink a little milk right from the container at the same time. That's a bit barbaric- this would do nicely.
xandram, Jul 19 2006


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