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Metal Detecting Pudding Spoon

In case your teeth have less luck than you do.
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That lucky silver sixpence won't be so lucky if you chip a tooth on it, or swallow it and choke.

Enter the Metal Detecting Pudding Spoon. An induction coil in the bowl of the spoon connects to a control circuit near the end of the handle to provide a clear audible and visible warning when your spoonful of pudding is found to contain any small metal objects. Adjustable sensitivity controls make the unit useful across a wide range of coin geometries and pudding permittivities.

A must-have for the seriously lucky pudding-eater!

Wrongfellow, Jun 20 2010

Wikipedia: Christmas Pudding http://en.wikipedia...i/Christmas_pudding
For those unfamiliar with this British tradition. [jutta, Jun 20 2010]


       Misplaced sixpence problem down.   

       Now, how to deal with toothbrush shanks in the pudding?   

       (Not my bone (in your pudding).)
swimswim, Jun 20 2010


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