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A solution to the fuel crisis.
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A giant bouncy ball, hollow, with a door to get in and out. Inside is a chair strapped in with elastic on the corners and a seat belt, of course. Mounted in a launch pad of giant elastic straps, the passenger flings himself high into the air, roughly in the direction of where he wants to go. With a little luck, they might even get there.

Wasn't sure what catagory to put this in.

harderthanjesus, Jun 20 2004

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       With practice, you could even arrange "combination shots", where you could nudge several passengers to their destinations with just one launch off the pad.
phundug, Jun 20 2004

       Good grief!
zigness, Jun 20 2004

       If your destination is uphill, you'd just roll back home before you get there. Or try getting back again from downhill destinations. You must live in a flat place (Chicago?)
igirl, Jun 20 2004

       I saw this on Guiness book of world recrods, it believe it's called "zoorbing"   

thisnow1, Jun 30 2004

       Close but no bounce.
harderthanjesus, Jul 01 2004

       this would be fantastic if linked to my ginormous swing ball!! <link>
etherman, Jul 01 2004

       There's a difference between this and the Zorb - the Zorb isn't designed to be launched.   

       That's why this is cooler.
shapu, Jul 01 2004

       Even though the zorb is neat, I don't think the hole is big enough to squeeze through.
croissantz, Aug 28 2004


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