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Tether Bike

Technically a winch bike ridden radially around a curved track.
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A performance bicycle is tethered to a centre post by a fully rotating collar. The pedals on the bicycle turns the rear wheel in the typical way, but can also turn the winch that extends and retracts the tether. The radius of the circular track is many meters. Once the bike has been pedalled to speed, the rider switches gears engaging the winch sprockets.

If the bicycle is moving sufficiently fast enough, and the rider can winch hard enough the bicycle and rider will experience changes in acceleration, velocity and things of that nature which can be read about elsewhere.

rcarty, Nov 15 2012


       Great for nipping to the local shops!
pocmloc, Nov 15 2012

       If only there was an easier means for the cyclist to achieve the same effect, like some way of steering the bike.
hippo, Nov 15 2012

       Well most of the same effects could be had by steering, however the greatest objective is that cyclist and cycle would become a free weight, lofted temporarily above the ground experiencing additional fractions of Gs, momentum being maintained in winch mode by pulling towards the centre point while all mass moves outwards.
rcarty, Nov 15 2012

       With enough speed he could launch himself into the air and flycycle.
pashute, Nov 15 2012

       How about a spiral-wall-of-death shaped cycle track instead?
pocmloc, Nov 15 2012

       I'm thinking now that the tether should be a power cord, like a long extension cord, that powers an electric motor that rotates the propeller.
rcarty, Nov 15 2012

       //Want to go somewhere off the track? Just detach it from the rails and off you go.//   

       My modus operandi.
rcarty, Nov 17 2012

       If the central post were tapered you could use that extra speed to Archimedes screw your way to the top.   

       //Archimedes screw your way to the top//   

rcarty, Nov 18 2012


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