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inflatable roll to work car bubble

Inflatable bubble transport to roll to work
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Air inflated large bubble suitable for rolling to work assisted by a large ramp/slide from home along a pre guided path to work. On arriving simply let out the "plug" to deflate and fold away, no parking charges and environmentally friendly
arora, May 06 2008

Zorb http://www.zorb.com/
The Halfbakery's favorite mode of transport. (In the real world, at least.) [DrCurry, May 07 2008]

Maybe you could roll them on these Land_20luge_20commuter_20lanes
[normzone, May 08 2008]


       How will you get home, and will all residential areas be built on very tall stilts?
Voice, May 07 2008

       It might hurt if you get a flat, other than that, it's a great idea.
haiku, May 07 2008

       Zorb commutation - works for me!
DrCurry, May 07 2008

       "How will you get home"   

       Catapult of course.   

       How will I get home - well - in the grand plan of things I see a narrow double path of slithery tracks similar to theme parks, these will be well constucted in the 'down' smooth flowing on the way to work and on the way home will be assisted by water canal systems to end in a water phlume effect ride to arrive home in style?
arora, May 08 2008


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